We already sail to some of the most exciting destinations in the world – and now we'll take you where many have never been: Cuba. Come back soon for a closer look at the newest destination in our 2017 lineup.

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus did sail the ocean blue. Now originally his plan was to chart a new westward course for the Spice Route, but wow, did he ever underestimate the distance (something our captains would never do).

Instead of reaching Asia and the East Indies, Columbus landed in the New World and laid Spanish claim to “the Indies” since he still thought he was in Asia. Upon discovering Columbus’ continental mistake, Spain started referring to this exotic new region as the West Indies, which later became also known as the Caribbean.

Despite the many name changes, and the passing of over five centuries, this tropical paradise of islands continues to lure people from all over the world—be they Old World explorers, New World adventurers, or our own Azamara cruisers. And no wonder!

The West Indies are a brilliant mix of European, African, American, and Caribbean flavors, where friendly people and a totally relaxed vibe form the beautiful base, while some of the best beaches on Earth add another gorgeous layer. Add in a dash of eco-tour excitement, a shot or two of rum, and a whole lot of fun, and voila: the recipe for the perfect vacation…especially with Azamara as your “chef de admission”.


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