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At Azamara Club Cruises® we believe the most memorable destinations are found off the beaten path—and with only dirt roads connecting it to the rest of the country, Tolagnaro certainly fits the bill. Jutting out into the Indian Ocean, surrounded by crescent-shaped beaches on three sides, this secluded port on the southeast coast is your gateway to otherworldly natural wonder when you cruise to Madagascar.

It’s the first French settlement and oldest town on the island, with a tropical rainforest climate that’s often drier than other Madagascar destinations—so you’ll have more time to savor the catch of the day at an open-air restaurant on Ankoba beach, or grab a crunchy French baguette at a local market where the sounds of live animals for sale mingle with the shouts of fisherman offering up freshly caught seafood.

Nearly all of the flora and fauna found on Madagascar are endemic to the island and can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. Don’t miss an opportunity to take an excursion to a national park or nature reserve to experience cheeky lemurs bounding across branches, stout yet spindly baobab trees, and three-cornered palm trees that look like the flourishing tail of a peacock.

Nahampoana Nature Reserve

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Two lemurs at the Nahampoana Nature Reserve in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Nahampoana Nature Reserve

Just 15 minutes from town, this pristine reserve is home to some of the rarest animal species on the planet. You’ll see several types of lemur bounding through the forest, including the “dancing” sifaka lemur. The dry gardens, with spiny desideratas, and unique three-cornered palms present a striking contrast to picnic sites situated around tranquil pools crashing waterfalls.

Andohahela National Park

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A lemur in a tree at the Andohahela National Park in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Andohahela National Park

On the lookout for lemurs? This is one of the best places in the country to see them. Over a dozen species call the park home, plus a whole host of rare birds and reptiles. Dense rainforests full of orchids and the luscious scent of wild vanilla in the east of the park give way to an area of dry spiny forest with captivating views as you trek west.

Lokaro Beach

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Lokaro Beach in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Lokaro Beach

The best places are found off the beaten path—and Lokaro Beach is no exception. You can only reach this secluded strip by boat and 4x4, or by a walk along Shipwreck Beach. The only others you’ll likely share the beach with are local fisherman who are happy to sell urchins, crabs, oysters, and lobster freshly plucked from the sea.

Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin), Madagascar At a glance

Current Time:
11:26:07 pm2018/10/22 23:26:07 pm
Monday, October 22
UTC/GMT +03:00
Local Details:
GPS: 25°1'41.6"N 46°59'44.45"E
Population: 46,000
Country Code: 261

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