Tahitian cruises transport you to the beautiful South Pacific, where secluded blue lagoons sit in the shadows of ancient volcanic peaks. One of 118 French Polynesian islands, Tahiti is home to Papeete—where the diverse cultures of the archipelagos meet, and your adventure begins.

The soul of this multicultural town is found on its vibrant waterfront. Here, pay a visit to the Robert Wan Pearl Museum to learn the history of the pearl-cultivating business (and perhaps find a beautiful black pearl to call your own). Then, make your way up Boulevard Pomare to the Papeete Market, a city institution. This vast marketplace is bustling with shopkeepers selling colorful pareus (sarongs) and tropical fabrics, jewelry, Tahitian oils, and more.

Bougainville Park is a perfect public garden to stroll through, while explorers looking for something more challenging will find lush rolling hills and cascading waterfalls on hiking paths leading to Mount Aorai, the second highest peak on the island.

No matter how you choose to spend your day, make a point to visit Les roulottes in Place Vaiete for a meal. These food caravans have been feeding locals and tourists for decades with their incredible mix of flavors and cooking styles. Whether you’re looking for traditional Ma’a Tahiti, fish fresh from the lagoon, or a good old-fashioned slice of pizza, you’ll find something to delight your taste buds here.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Papeete,Tahiti, French Polynesia

Notre Dame Cathedral

This buttercup yellow cathedral is hard to miss, and not just because of its brightly colored facade. First opened in 1875, it is a rare example of early colonial architecture in Papeete, and is notable for the unique mix of European and Polynesian designs that adorn the interior.

Marché de Pape’ete

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Colorful hand-crafted items at the Marché de Pape’ete in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Marché de Pape’ete

Papeete’s largest market packs an entire city block with vendors selling colorful island jewelry, black pearls, Tahitian oils, and more. You’ll even find fishmongers offering up the catch of the day fresh from the lagoon. Find a perfect memento or stroll the stalls and watch the action unfold at this Tahitian institution.

Bain Lot Beach

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Bain Lot Beach in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Bain Lot Beach

Bain Lot Beach, known as the “ins and outs” for it unique wave patterns, is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling, or simply stretching out on the sand and embracing Tahiti’s sunny tropical lifestyle.

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia At a glance

Current Time:
5:27:02 am2018/10/21 05:27:02 am
Sunday, October 21
UTC/GMT -10:00
Local Details:
GPS: 17°32'14.96"N 149°34'9.4"E
Size: 17.40 KM2 (6.72 MI2)
Population: 26,926
Density: 1,547 Pop/KM2 (597 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: 689

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