Pop quiz time! Where in the world can you make a French Concession connection, enter a Forbidden City, enjoy the nightlife in the streets of Lan Kwai Fong, hike through Takoko Gorge, or see Sakurajima blow its top? If your answer is Northeast Asia, then well done!

On an Azamara Club Cruises® voyage through Northeast Asia, we’ll take you to China, Taiwan, and Japan. And even though Japan may be known as the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ll see plenty of sunsets, too, thanks to our staying longer in port than any other cruise line. Before you know it, you’ll be saying “domo arigato” when you learn the secrets of these exotic lands.


  • Gaze over the nighttime skyline of Osaka, and be sure to head over to our Destination Immersion blog to read guest blogger Lee Abbamonte’s take on this legendary city.
  • Climb to the top of The Peak (that’s Victoria Peak) for sweeping 360-degree views of the ultra-modern and futuristic city of Hong Kong below.
  • Stroll along The Bund, the famed waterfront promenade of Shanghai, as you take pictures of the outstanding skyscrapers juxtaposed with French architecture.


  • Browse the historic Tsuboya pottery district in Okinawa, Japan, where artisans have been handcrafting ceramics by royal decree since 1682.
  • Get swept up in the enchantment of the traditional Japanese Art of Rakugo Storytelling invented by Buddhist monks on an unforgettable Cruise Global, Nights Local tour.
  • Go on a Cruise Global, Connect LocalSM shore excursion tour of the highlights of Hiroshima, plus Miyajima and the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Dig in and sample some of Osaka, Japan’s regional cuisine like okonomiyaki—a type of savory pancake often served with a variety of fresh seafood and vegetables.
  • Discover some of the best restaurants (and best-kept secret culinary gems) in foodie cities like Hong Kong with our Shore Excursions Guide.
  • Dine on sushi and Kobe beef in Japan, dim sum in China, and caught-that-morning-seafood in Hualien, Taiwan, as you explore Northeast Asia with your taste buds.

Northeast Asia Featured Shore Excursions

Cruise Global, Meet Local Series: The Atomic Bomb – Meet a Survivor
Hiroshima, Japan (IM18)
Tour the Peace Memorial Park and Peace Memorial Museum and learn more about the difficult history of Hiroshima. You will have an opportunity to meet a guest lecturer, and survivor of the bombing.
Cruise Global, Nights Local Series: Osaka River Boat with Splendid Neon
Osaka, Japan (KY50)
Be amazed by the splendid display of bright lights in the Dotonbori District, in Osaka. First, view this neon district by water, and then explore the illuminated city streets while dining on Takoyaki, a local delicacy.
Full Day Taroko Gorge Adventure
Hualien, Taiwan (UE03)
Embark on a daylong adventure to the east coast of Taiwan and into a land that has entirely escaped the hands of progress, the Taroko National Park.

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