Where in the world is...?

Even though they all come from such places as The Netherlands and Norway, Kenya and Germany, England, France—the list goes on—our Senior Officers have happily chosen Azamara Club Cruises® as their home away from home. (P.S. We're really happy about it, too!) And even though our Senior Officers share a love of travel by sea, they all have very different backgrounds, interests, and hobbies...just like you. 

As you get to know them throughout your voyage (and you will since our Senior Officers are genuinely friendly and interested in Azamara guests), you'll really start to connect with one or all of them. So it's only natural that you'll want to reconnect again on your next AzAmazing journey—because once you travel with us, you won't want to see the world any other way. Or with any other crew.  

2017 Azamara Captain and Senior Officer Schedule

DateCaptainHotel DirectorCruise DirectorExecutive Chef
6-Jan 2017MagnusRyszardEricFabio
19-Jan 2017JohannesRyszardEricFabio
1-Feb 2017JohannesRyszardEricFabio
19-Feb 2017JohannesRyszardTonyFabio
6-Mar 2017JohannesHeikeTonyIwan
22-Mar 2017MagnusHeikeTonyIwan
9-Apr 2017MagnusHeikeTonyIwan
22-Apr 2017MagnusHeikeEricIwan
12-May 2017MagnusHeikeEricIwan
29-May 2017JohannesHeikeEricIwan
7-Jun 2017JohannesHeikeEricIwan
14-Jun 2017JohannesHeikeEricIwan
23-Jun 2017JohannesHeikeEricIwan
7-Jul 2017JohannesHeikeEricMonica
19-Jul 2017JohannesRyszardEricMonica
1-Aug 2017MagnusRyszardEricMonica
13-Aug 2017MagnusRyszardTonyMonica
23-Aug 2017MagnusRyszardTonyMonica
4-Sep 2017MagnusRyszardTonyMonica
16-Sep 2017MagnusHeikeTonyMonica
25-Sep 2017MagnusHeikeTonyMonica
2-Oct 2017MagnusHeikeTonyMonica
10-Oct 2017MagnusHeikeEricMonica
17-Oct 2017MagnusHeikeEricMonica
28-Oct 2017MagnusHeikeEricMonica
14-Nov 2017JohannesHeikeEricFabio
24-Nov 2017JohannesHeikeEricFabio
9-Dec 2017JohannesHeikeEricFabio
23-Dec 2017JohannesHeikeEricFabio
DateCaptainHotel DirectorCruise DirectorExecutive Chef
4-Jan 2017JoseRyszardRussMonica
15-Jan 2017JosePhilipRussMonica
26-Jan 2017JosePhilipRussMonica
9-Feb 2017JosePhilipRussMonica
21-Feb 2017JosePhilipRussMonica
10-Mar 2017CarlPhilipRussMonica
21-Mar 2017CarlPhilipRussMonica
2-Apr 2017CarlPhilipRussMonica
18-Apr 2017CarlPhilipTonyMonica
25-Apr 2017CarlPhilipTonyMonica
5-May 2017CarlPhilipTonyFabio
13-May 2017CarlRyszardTonyFabio
24-May 2017JoseRyszardTonyFabio
29-May 2017JoseRyszardTonyFabio
9-Jun 2017JoseRyszardTonyFabio
21-Jun 2017JoseRyszardRussFabio
28-Jun 2017JoseRyszardRussFabio
5-Jul 2017JoseRyszardRussFabio
12-Jul 2017JosePhilipRussFabio
22-Jul 2017JosePhilipRussFabio
29-Jul 2017CarlPhilipRussFabio
5-Aug 2017CarlPhilipRussFabio
13-Aug 2017CarlPhilipRussFabio
19-Aug 2017CarlPhilipRussFabio
29-Aug 2017CarlPhilipRussFabio
6-Sep 2017CarlPhilipRussIwan
16-Sep 2017CarlPhilipRussIwan
26-Sep 2017CarlPhilipRussIwan
4-Oct 2017CarlPhilipRussIwan
14-Oct 2017CarlPhilipTonyIwan
21-Oct 2017JosePhilipTonyIwan
28-Oct 2017JosePhilipTonyIwan
6-Nov 2017JoseRyszardTonyIwan
22-Nov 2017JoseRyszardTonyIwan
2-Dec 2017JoseRyszardTonyIwan
13-Dec 2017JoseRyszardRussIwan
23-Dec 2017JoseRyszardRussIwan

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