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Northern Ireland’s second largest city, Derry’s ancient walls hide a saga of strength and struggle. One of the oldest inhabited places in the whole of Ireland, this picturesque town has witnessed some of history’s most prominent events.

After undergoing a renaissance in recent years, today Derry is an emerging cosmopolitan city where youth culture meets some of the country’s oldest and best preserved monuments. Complete with quaint restaurants, hearty pubs, and fantastic independent shops, Derry’s small size is perfect to explore on foot. Or, take a quick ride with one of the city’s many friendly taxi drivers to learn about some local haunts.

All around Derry are reminders of the city’s past and evolution. A walk around the winding river Foyle reveals a place divided by more than water, working to bridge community both metaphorically and physically with stunning architectural pieces like the Peace Bridge. Take a tour along the Derry’s ancient walls for a unique view of its original footprint, which holds the majority of the city’s historic buildings. Beyond Derry’s walls, Counties Londonderry and Donegal offer rolling green hillsides and a bounty of sights for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Giant's Causeway

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Giant's Causeway

Travel along Ireland’s north coast for a breathtaking tour of the Giant’s Causeway. An ancient volcanic eruption, this mosaic of interlocking basalt columns is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction and a World Heritage Site well worth the drive. Just three miles outside is Bushmills, so why not cap off your visit with a tasting at the town’s world-renowned whiskey distillery?

Grianan of Aileach

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Grianan of Aileach

Cross the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic into Donegal to view this ancient stone fort. Sitting atop a hill between Derry and Letterkenny, Grianan of Aileach is the perfect vantage point to take in the river Foyle, the cities below, and the surrounding countryside.


Perhaps one of Derry’s most important monument, the murals at Bogside remain a stoic reminder of the city’s tumultuous years. Take in works by local artist that depict Northern Ireland’s brutal conflict in the late twentieth century, including images dedicated to those lives lost during Bloody Sunday.

Londonderry, Northern Ireland At a glance

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