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Azamara Club Cruises® is now offering a great opportunity to enrich your onboard experience by introducing guest lecturers to our voyages. Considered experts in their respective fields, our carefully chosen speakers will share their vast knowledge on worldwide topics that range from politics to the environment, from tribal customs to ancient history. Attend one of our presentations and see what you can learn from our distinguished onboard guest speakers.


  • Intimate setting to engage fully in the lectures
  • Experts of culture, military history, art history, psychology, and sports are just a few examples of the wide range of guests
  • Lectures generally have a question and answer session

Guest Lectures

DateShipVoyageGuest Lecturers
March 06, 2017Azamara Journey16 NIGHT NEW ZEALAND EXPLORER VOYAGEBirgitt Bingham
Crista Carr Shatz
Dr. Allan Hanson
Dr. Christopher Whelan
March 10, 2017Azamara Quest11 NIGHT WEST INDIES HIDEAWAY VOYAGEDr. James Howard
James Pfromm
Ken Withrow
Thomas Eastwood
March 22, 2017Azamara Journey18 NIGHT AUSTRALIA & ASIA VOYAGECrista Carr Shatz
Dr. Rebecca Knuth
Rhoda Cohen
April 02, 2017Azamara Quest16 NIGHT THREE CONTINENTS CROSSINGAgnes Lee
Dr. David Roberts
Dr. Mary Jane Cryan
Irving Shulkes
John Van Huizen
Philippa Johnson
April 09, 2017Azamara Journey13 NIGHT THE SPICE ROUTE VOYAGEDr. Michael Leming
Jorgen Boettiger
Juan Ruiz
Norma Quintilla
Richard Hutto
April 18, 2017Azamara Quest7 NIGHT ACROSS WESTERN MED VOYAGEDr. Mary Jane Cryan
April 22, 2017Azamara Journey20 NIGHT SEYCHELLES & MALDIVES VOYAGEDavid Kingrea
Jorgen Boettiger
Norma Quintilla
April 25, 2017Azamara Quest10 NIGHT ITALY, GREECE & ADRIATIC VOYAGECharles Richardson
May 05, 2017Azamara Quest8 NIGHT CROATIA INSIDE PASSAGE VOYAGECharles Richardson
May 12, 2017Azamara Journey17 NIGHT PETRA & EILAT VOYAGEDr. Karl Misulis
Dr. Wayne Engstrom
Jane Coonce
Shauneen Hutchinson
May 13, 2017Azamara Quest11 NIGHT ADRIATIC TO RIVIERA VOYAGECharles Richardson
May 29, 2017Azamara Journey9 NIGHT ACROSS THE MEDITERRANEAN VOYAGEDr. Jannie Mackay
May 29, 2017Azamara Quest11 NIGHT CLASSIC MEDITERRANEAN VOYAGEMarty Novak
June 07, 2017Azamara Journey7 NIGHT TAPAS & WINE VOYAGEDr. Jannie Mackay
June 14, 2017Azamara Journey9 Night Normandy Holland & Germany VoyageDr. Jannie Mackay
June 23, 2017Azamara Journey14 NIGHT BEYOND THE ARCTIC CIRCLE VOYAGEDr. Arthur Moen
Dr. Valerie Mock
Mario Barbi
RoseAnne Levinson
July 07, 2017Azamara Journey12 NIGHT FJORDS & ICELAND VOYAGELou Minter
Mario Barbi
September 16, 2017Azamara Quest10 NIGHT AMALFI COAST & SICILY VOYAGEIrving Shulkes
September 16, 2017Azamara Journey9 NIGHT PORTUGAL, SPAIN & FRANCE VOYAGEAlvin Berkun
September 25, 2017Azamara Journey7 NIGHT MONACO YACHT SHOW TUSCANY VOYAGEAlvin Berkun
October 28, 2017Azamara Journey17 Night Route of the FrankincenseDan Rountree
David Cohen
November 04, 2017Azamara Quest16 NIGHT WESTWARD VOYAGE VOYAGEBarbara Rosenthal
Mary Gordon
November 20, 2017Azamara Quest11 NIGHT CARIBBEAN TREASURES VOYAGEJames Pfromm
Sheena Lesley Lott
November 24, 2017Azamara Journey15 NIGHT SPICES, TEAS & RUBBER TREESBirgitt Bingham
Marilyn Allis
December 09, 2017Azamara Journey14 NIGHT THAILAND & VIETNAM VOYAGEBirgitt Bingham
David Wucher
Patricia Langewis
December 16, 2017Azamara Quest6 NIGHT CARIBBEAN BREEZES VOYAGETerry Bard
December 22, 2017Azamara Quest13 NIGHT CARIBBEAN HOLIDAY VOYAGEKen Withrow
Thomas A. Kane
Victor Quiros
December 23, 2017Azamara Quest12 NIGHT CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS VOYAGEBarbara Rosenthal
Donald H. Henry
Patricia Langewis

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