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Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturers

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Enrich Your Onboard Experience With Azamara

Azamara Club Cruises® is now offering a great opportunity to enrich your onboard experience by introducing guest lecturers to our voyages. Considered experts in their respective fields, our carefully chosen speakers will share their vast knowledge on worldwide topics that range from politics to the environment, from tribal customs to ancient history. Attend one of our presentations and see what you can learn from our distinguished onboard guest speakers.


  • Intimate setting to engage fully in the lectures
  • Experts of culture, military history, art history, psychology, and sports are just a few examples of the wide range of guests
  • Lectures generally have a question and answer session

Guest Lectures

DateShipVoyageGuest Lecturers
February 13, 2016Azamara Quest17 N GREAT BARRIER REEF - BALI VOYAGEGregory Redfern
Phillip Smart
February 17, 2016Azamara Journey12 NIGHT COSTA RICA TO BAJA VOYAGECharles Richardson
Dr. Harold Tinberg
February 29, 2016Azamara Journey16 NIGHT HOLLYWOOD TO SOUTH BEACH VOYAGEBarbara Rosenthal
Brian Scruby
Dr. James Howard
Richard Staehling
March 01, 2016Azamara Quest16 NIGHT ASIAN KALEIDOSCOPE VOYAGEDr. Ivan Eland
Dr. Paul Ropp
March 01, 2016Azamara Quest16 NIGHT ASIAN KALEIDOSCOPE VOYAGEPat Langewis
Rhoda Cohen
March 16, 2016Azamara Journey10 NIGHT WEST INDIES HIDEAWAY VOYAGEAlice Weiser
Dr. James Howard
Ken Withrow
Sharon Carter
March 17, 2016Azamara Quest16 NIGHT ASIAN CITIES & WATERS VOYAGEAlexander Brough
Joyce Butler
Juan Ruiz
Susan Heiden
March 26, 2016Azamara Journey10 NIGHT TEMPLES, JUNGLES&BEACHES VOYAGEBarbara Rosenthal
Dr. James Howard
Ken Withrow
Thomas Eastwood
William Poole
April 05, 2016Azamara Journey15 NIGHT SOUTH BEACH TO THE SOUTH OF FRANCELou Minter
Paula Ferstandig
April 15, 2016Azamara Quest16 NIGHT THE SPICE ROUTE VOYAGENorma Quintilla
Samuel Radwine
May 01, 2016Azamara Quest16 NIGHT EMIRATES TO PETRA VOYAGEJorgen Boettiger
Norma Quintilla
May 30, 2016Azamara Quest12 NIGHT EUROPEAN JEWELS VOYAGEJackie Sault
Mario Barbi
August 11, 2016Azamara Quest15 NIGHT NORWEGIAN FJORDS & N CAPEDr. Lori Phillips
Rhoda Cohen
September 09, 2016Azamara Quest15 NIGHT LONDON, PARIS & CANADA VOYAGEDr. Chuck Schneiderman
Mary Gordon

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