Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturers

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Enrich Your Onboard Experience With Azamara

Azamara Club Cruises® is now offering a great opportunity to enrich your onboard experience by introducing guest lecturers to our voyages. Considered experts in their respective fields, our carefully chosen speakers will share their vast knowledge on worldwide topics that range from politics to the environment, from tribal customs to ancient history. Attend one of our presentations and see what you can learn from our distinguished onboard guest speakers.


  • Intimate setting to engage fully in the lectures
  • Experts of culture, military history, art history, psychology, and sports are just a few examples of the wide range of guests
  • Lectures generally have a question and answer session

Guest Lectures

DateShipVoyageGuest Lecturers
April 02, 2015Azamara Journey16 NIGHT SOUTH BEACH TO ACROPOLIS VOYAGEBarbara Rosenthal
Isabel Page
John Wetzel
Jonathan Malay
Joseph Rosenbloom
Mary Gordon
Richard Rutherford
April 27, 2015Azamara Journey10 NIGHT GREECE TO AMALFI COAST VOYAGEDavid Burgess
Nigel Marven
May 14, 2015Azamara Journey7 NIGHT COSTA BRAVA-CINQUE TERRE VOYAGEDr. Garrett McAinsh
May 21, 2015Azamara Journey5 NIGHT GRAND PRIX VOYAGEDr. Garrett McAinsh
May 26, 2015Azamara Journey10 NIGHT MONACO, ITALY & ADRIATIC VOYAGEDr. Richard Farkas
June 05, 2015Azamara Journey7 NIGHT CROATIA'S INSIDE PASSAGE VOYAGEDr. Richard Farkas
June 12, 2015Azamara Journey11 NIGHT ADRIATIC & GREEK ISLES VOYAGEDr. Richard Farkas
July 04, 2015Azamara Quest14 NIGHT BRITISH OPEN GOLF VOYAGENigel Marven
July 18, 2015Azamara Quest14 NIGHT BRITISH OPEN FINAL VOYAGECharles Richardson
James Pfromm
Nigel Marven
July 30, 2015Azamara Journey7 NIGHT GREEK ISLES & TURKEY VOYAGEDr. Charles Ingrao
August 01, 2015Azamara Quest12 NIGHT SUMMER BALTIC RUSSIA VOYAGECharles Richardson
August 06, 2015Azamara Journey10 NIGHT ISLES OF GREECE VOYAGEDr. Charles Ingrao
August 13, 2015Azamara Quest12 NIGHT SUMMER BALTIC RUSSIA VOYAGECharles Richardson
September 08, 2015Azamara Quest7 NIGHT CLASSIC MEDITERRANEAN VOYAGENicolas Behrmann
September 10, 2015Azamara Journey10 NIGHT ADRIATIC & GREEK ISLES VOYAGEMarvin Schwab
September 15, 2015Azamara Quest11 NIGHT ISLANDS OF THE MED VOYAGENicolas Behrmann
September 20, 2015Azamara Journey9 NIGHT TURQUOISE COAST VOYAGEMarvin Schwab
September 29, 2015Azamara Journey12 NIGHT BEST OF HOLY LANDS VOYAGENigel Marven
October 19, 2015Azamara Quest15 NIGHT SUEZ CANAL VOYAGEAlexander Brough
Dr. Robert Smith
Patricia Langewis
October 21, 2015Azamara Journey11 NIGHT ACROPOLIS ROME & FLORENCEDr. Karl Misulis
November 01, 2015Azamara Journey9 NIGHT SOUTH FRANCE & SPAIN VOYAGEDr. Karl Misulis
November 03, 2015Azamara Quest15 NIGHT SPICES TEAS&RUBBER TREES VOYAGEConnie Kirker
Dr. John Rennie Short
Patricia Langewis
Rhoda Cohen
November 10, 2015Azamara Journey15 NIGHT MADEIRA & CANARY ISLANDS VOYAGEDr. Christopher Whelan
Isabel Page
Kathy Rolfe
November 18, 2015Azamara Quest14 NIGHT DISCOVER THAILAND & VIETNAMDr. John Rennie Short
Nigel Marven
November 25, 2015Azamara Journey16 NIGHT WAKE OF COLUMBUS VOYAGECharles Richardson
Dr. Hal Tinberg
Kathy Rolfe
Patricia Erickson
Robert Fine
December 02, 2015Azamara Quest10 NIGHT DISCOVERING VIETNAM VOYAGEDr. Richard Farkas
Harold Kudan
Nigel Marven
December 11, 2015Azamara Journey12 NIGHT WEST INDIES HIDEAWAY VOYAGECharles Richardson
Robert Fine
Thomas Eastwood
December 12, 2015Azamara Quest10 NIGHT TEMPLES DRAGONS & BEACHESDr. Richard Farkas
Harold Kudan
December 22, 2015Azamara Quest14 NIGHT BALI & BARRIER REEF VOYAGEDr. Richard Farkas
Dr. Robert Donaldson
James Pfromm
Maurice Goldsmith
December 23, 2015Azamara Journey11 NIGHT PANAMA CANAL NEW YEAR'S VOYAGEBruce Toder
Charles Richardson
James Adams
James Shaw

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