The Glass City

You would be hard-pressed to find a city more shaped and impacted by the sea than La Coruna, Spain. You can see this influence in the Roman Tower of Hercules, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated stone lighthouse. Standing guard over the city, the 180-foot Tower marks one end of the spectacular Paseo Marítimo promenade—one of the longest in Europe—and has been in operation since approximately the 2nd century AD. Walk some or all of the eight-mile long promenade to see some of the city’s other waterfront highlights like the Marina, Castelo de San Antón, the Millennium monument, and the most popular beaches—Orzán and Riazor.  

The strong nautical influence can also be seen in the characteristic glazed window balconies (also known as galerias) that give La Coruna its nickname the Glass City. Based off of the design of the back of a warship, this signature architectural feature can be seen in the traditional fishermen’s homes along the harbor, so remember to look up, way up, when exploring the streets.

Finally, the sea has also heavily influenced the cuisine in La Coruna. Delectable fresh seafood like pulpo á feira (octopus and potatoes) and plenty of tapas can be found at charming restaurants and bistros throughout the city.

Tower of Hercules

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Tower of Hercules

This 180-foot tall Roman lighthouse is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse of its kind in the world.

Paseo Marítimo Promenade

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Paseo Marítimo Promenade

Stretching for over eight miles along the coast of La Coruna, the Paseo Marítimo Promenade is one of the longest in Europe.

Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología

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Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología

One of the city’s most talked about new attractions, this stunning glass and concrete building features exhibits on the science and technology of the area.

La Coruna, Spain At a glance

Current Weather:
Fair (Day)
18°C / 64 °F
Mostly Cloudy (Day)
Partly Cloudy (Day)
Partly Cloudy (Day)
Current Time:
4:27:13 pm2018/07/20 16:27:13 pm
Friday, July 20
UTC/GMT +02:00
Exchange Rates:
  • 1.16
  • 1.50
  • 0.87
  • 1.52
  • 75.18
  • 3.81
  • 22.28
  • 1.69
Local Details:
Size: 37.83 KM2 (14.61 MI2)
Population: 419,800
Density: 11,097 Pop/KM2 (4,285 Pop/MI2)
Postcode(s): 15001-15011
Country Code: 34

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