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The initial layers of a destination—its people, its buildings, its shops—are obvious to anyone, but true travel inspiration is more than just a pretty view. It’s found when you dive deeper beneath the surface. Authentic travel moments transpire when you feel completely immersed in a destination, and it’s what you’ll find when you sail the world with us.

Our expert team of culture connoisseurs have contracted with independent, reputable tour operators to offer exceptional new shore excursions for those who are well-traveled—and travel well. Stargaze surrounded by otherworldly landscapes in Chile with our Stay Local tour series, or Discover the culinary fusion of Persian and Indian cultures with a family in Mumbai when you Taste Local.

Longer stays and more overnights mean more cultural immersion. That's why we spend more time in port than any other cruise line. That's why you can experience more destinations after the sun goes down. Because it’s not enough to see something. You have to smell it, hear it, taste it, and most of all, feel it.

See the world from a fresh perspective with our enhanced Cruise Global, Connect LocalSM shore excursion collection.

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Cruise Global, Connect Local with hundreds of Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions

Azamara Shore Excursions

More Intimate. More Local. More Peace Of Mind.
  • Enjoy a more personal connection with the destination and more individual interaction with your local guides.
  • Every excursion is designed and delivered by independent local operators who are committed to bringing you a uniquely immersive experience and authentic perspective.
  • There are never any hidden costs, and you can explore with confidence knowing the ship will wait if your tour is delayed for any reason.* Plus, you'll receive a full refund on your excursion in the case of a port or itinerary change if you book with Azamara.

*In the unlikely event that your tour is significantly delayed, we’ll make all the arrangements for you to return to the ship at the earliest opportunity at no expense to you.



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Eco Local

Wildlife and wilderness expeditions.

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Shop Local

Market tours and local shopping tips.

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Walk Local

Immersive and intimate guided strolls.

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Celebrate Local

Global festivals and local events.

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Customize Local

Personalized excursions for family and friends.

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Golf Local

Golf at renowned courses and clubs.

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Stay Local

Expand and extended experiences ashore.

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Explore Local

Historic and cultural experiences.

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Relax Local

Unwind in style.

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