Celebrating the People of Azamara Club Cruises

The captains. The staff. The crew. The smiles. The attitude. The genuine friendliness.

Ask Azamara guests what they love most about their voyages, and you'll hear answers like these. So we thought we’d tell you more about the people who make an Azamara voyage so different from the rest. Because we think they're pretty special, too.

Be sure to check back to meet more members of our award-winning staff and crew.

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    Captain Johannes Tysse

    It was almost a foregone conclusion that Johannes Tysse would be a sea captain. Learn how the job he dreamed about from an early age is a platform for creating unforgettable experiences for Azamara guests.

    Learn more about Johannes

  • Captain José Vilarinho

    Captain José Vilarinho

    A Portuguese native, Captain Jose worked on nearly every kind of sea-going vessel before landing his dream job at Azamara. Whether at sea or onshore, his motto is “Try to make the most of ordinary things; you can make the ordinary extraordinary every day of your life.” Be forewarned, his enthusiasm for life is highly contagious.

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  • Captain Carl Smith

    Captain Carl Smith

    This year he'll be the first Manx captain to bring a cruise ship home to the Isle of Man. Learn more about the one-and-only Captain Carl Smith.

    Learn more about Carl

  • Captain Magnus Davidson

    Captain Magnus Davidson

    Captain Magnus Davidson became Master of the Azamara Journey in late-2015. His love of the sea, travel, Destination Immersion® experiences, and good food, as well as his easy manner and quick sense of humor makes him the perfect new addition to the Azamara family. Welcome Aboard, Captain Magnus!

    Learn more about Magnus

  • Captain Gianmario Sanguineti

    Captain Gianmario Sanguineti

    With a father who was the captain of an oil tanker, a career in the Italian Navy, serving as First Officer on a tanker, and over 20 years’ experience sailing cruise ships, a love of working at sea runs deep in Captain Gianmario Sanguineti. In fact, he “wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

    Learn more about Gianmario

  • Captain Antonio F. Toledo

    Captain Antonio F. Toledo

    You could say that Captain Antonio F. Toledo is a bit of a renaissance man. He speaks four languages, loves scuba diving and snowboarding, and is an environmental conservationist, as well as a big follower (literally) of Columbus. See what else is on the horizon for Captain Antonio.

    Learn more about Antonio

  • Hotel Director Heike Berdos

    Hotel Director Heike Berdos

    Consider our Hotel Directors. Friendly, observant and highly experienced, they’re also genuinely interested in our guests. No issue is too small (or big) for their personal attention.

    Learn more about Heike

  • Hotel Director Philip Herbert

    Hotel Director Philip Herbert

    He was born in Kenya, a land of big game and wildlife. It's funny how a lion figures into one of his best stories at sea, too! Learn the back story (and favorite stories) of the witty and entertaining Philip Herbert.

    Learn more about Philip

  • Hotel Director Ryszard Gusmann

    Hotel Director Ryszard Gusmann

    Hotel Managers are the sum of their training, experiences and opportunities. Ryszard (pronounced ‘Richard’) Gusmann understands this perhaps better than anyone.

    Learn more about Ryszard Gusmann

  • Corporate Executive Chef Robert van Rijsbergen

    Corporate Executive Chef Robert van Rijsbergen

    Grab a snack, because you’ll get hungry as you read this interview with Azamara’s Corporate Executive Chef Robert van Rijsbergen. He was born for this early and lifelong passion for fine cooking and the sea. Bon appétit!

    Learn more about Robert

  • Chef Monica

    Chef Monica

    She's a fourth generation Mexican-American and comes from a big family in Texas with five sisters. Growing up, her grandmother was always cooking Mexican feasts for people and she was at her side when she could be.

    Learn More About Monica

  • Cruise Director Eric De Gray

    Cruise Director Eric De Gray

    A passion for model railroading, a competitive ice skater, a degree in musical performance on the bassoon, and a successful career in writing, directing and performing in musical shows. Eric de Gray is not your typical Cruise Director. Which is why he’s such a great fit for Azamara Club Cruises.

    Learn more about Eric

  • Cruise Director Tony Markey

    Cruise Director Tony Markey

    Some people are naturally curious and eager for new experiences. Tony Markey is like that. Born with itchy feet, as his mother would say.

    Learn more about Tony

  • Cruise Director Russ Grieve

    Cruise Director Russ Grieve

    Sometimes it takes Russ Grieve 40 minutes to "walk to work" at the Cabaret Lounge because he chats with so many people along the way.

    Learn more about Russ

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