Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority.

For Azamara Club Cruises and parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the safety of our guests and crew has always been our highest priority. Our marine safety record over our corporation's operating history illustrates our commitment to the safety of our guests and crew who sail with us each year. The measures we take in the interest of safety are many, with our ships often exceeding what is required by regulatory authorities. It's all part of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.

At the beginning of every cruise, shipboard crew members guide every one of our guests through a mandatory drill known as the "Muster Drill", to ensure they are familiar with what to do and where to go in the unlikely event of an emergency. To further ensure they are aware of their specific muster location, we identify it on each guest's card key. The location also is prominently noted on the back of every stateroom door.

In addition to the muster drill for our guests, our officers and crew conduct weekly, monthly and annual drills on every ship, and complete extensive training, certification and scenarios in preparation for the very unlikely event of an emergency, including training on ship evacuation procedures. All of our ships have sufficient lifesaving craft to accommodate every guest and crew member onboard, as well as additional capacity in reserve.

International Maritime Organization

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International Maritime Organization

All of our ships are designed and operated in compliance with the strict requirements of the International Maritime Organization, the UN agency that sets global standards for the safety and operation of cruise ships, codified in the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. Safety-related regulations are rigorous – and we often go above and beyond what is required; for example, carrying backup mechanical, navigational and safety provisions.

CVSSA requirements

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CVSSA requirements

In addition, our vessels – regardless of where they're sailing in the world – comply with the U.S. Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA) requirements, including railing heights, access control, closed circuit TV, medical preparedness, crime allegation reporting and crew training. Our own requirements generally exceed those specified within the CVSSA. We work closely with regulatory authorities to improve safety laws, and regularly participate in discussions and studies to inform legislators of current practices and offer our perspective on regulations and standards to assure safety.

safety regulatory bodies

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safety regulatory bodies

Flag State authorities and other maritime safety regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Coast Guard, from each country our ships visit also regularly inspect our ships. Their examinations focus on life-saving equipment and safety and environmental protection items. In addition to these inspections, our own ongoing system of internal as well as external (independent) marine expert audits also help us to remain vigilant, safely operate our ships and maintain effective systems.

Cruise Ship Crime Allegation Statistics

Azamara Club Cruises is committed to preventing illegal activity and treats all allegations seriously. We report all allegations of crimes to law enforcement, regardless of the validity of the claim. The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety act of 2010 (CVSSA) requires that statistics for cruise ship crime allegations be posted on the Internet by the US Government for public viewing. This public reporting requirement is unique to the cruise industry, as there is no similar requirement for any other commercial industry, including hotels and airlines. You may review these government statistics at

Security Guide

The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act requires cruise lines which operate in United States waters to make a Security Guide available to guests. This Security Guide is provided pursuant to that United States law.

The safety and security of our guests and crew is our highest priority. Allegations of crime, missing person reports and medical emergencies are taken seriously and we are committed to responding in an effective and caring manner for those involved. Each of our ships is staffed with dedicated security and medical teams to respond to alleged crimes and medical situations, respectively. They are onboard, on duty and available at all times.

Should you become aware of someone being injured or of unsafe or possibly illegal behavior during your cruise vacation, it is very important that you immediately report this to the ship's management. This may be done by calling the ship's emergency telephone number listed in the directory of services in your stateroom; or by calling or going to the Guest Services / Guest Relations Desk. If you do not immediately report an injury or unsafe/illegal behavior this delay may cause ship's personnel to be unable to effectively respond to the situation and unable to properly preserve information or evidence that could assist law enforcement's investigation and prosecution of those responsible.

As a company, we report crime allegations to law enforcement so they can investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of where in the world the ship is located at the time of the incident. Crime allegations are reported to law enforcement officials in the next port of call, as well as to the nation where our ships are flagged. We also report allegations of crime to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and United States Coast Guard (USCG), in compliance with United States laws.

According to United States federal law, on international voyages that embark or debark in the United States, Azamara Club Cruises® (and other cruise lines) is required to report onboard felonies and missing United States nationals to federal agencies. For a missing United States national and all serious felonies (homicide, suspicious death, kidnapping, assault with serious bodily injury, sexual assaults as defined by federal laws, firing or tampering with the vessel, or theft of money or property in excess of $10,000) the incident must be reported to the FBI by telephone as soon as possible, to the United States Department of Homeland Security electronically and to the USCG in writing. These requirements apply to onboard incidents that occur while the ship is in United States territorial waters, or on the high seas or in foreign waters if the victim or perpetrator is a United States national. The FBI can assert criminal jurisdiction in all of these circumstances. Each of the nations visited, as well as the vessel's nation of registry, may also assert jurisdiction and impose additional reporting requirements.

United States law also requires us to provide you the following information. For cruises embarking or debarking in the United States, you may independently contact the FBI or USCG for incidents arising any time during the voyage. For incidents within state or foreign waters or ports you may, in addition, contact local law enforcement authorities. Contact information for these entities along with contact information for a third party victim advocacy group and the locations of United States Embassies and Consulates for the ports we plan to visit during United States oriented voyages is being made available to you. If you need assistance in locating this information or if you find this information has changed since publication or is incorrect, please contact Guest Services / Guest Relations immediately. View the Security Guide Contact List.

Stewardship Report

The 2013 Sustainability Report offers a look at the practices and performance of our Safety, Security, Environment, Medical/Public Health and Human Resources areas. During each voyage, we remain dedicated to safeguarding our guests and crew, as well as the destinations and marine environments where we operate. We invite you to read more about our efforts in our 2013 Sustainability Report.


One of the most amazing parts of your cruise vacation experience will be the many rich and varied cultures represented among our guests. This diversity offers a chance to learn about different parts of the world and to make new friends. But just as a new friend can enhance your vacation experience, some guests may behave in ways you find unusual or undesirable. Since our guests do come from different and diverse backgrounds, it is important that everyone have a common understanding of the behavioural standards in place on Azamara ships. We invite you to review our Guest Conduct Policy, which sets forth behavioural standards to help you participate in a safe and enjoyable cruise experience.

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