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When you go on vacation, you want to have a relaxing and stress-free time—whether it’s enjoying the Mediterranean sun while sipping a glass of rosé, or exploring Down Under, under the waves. That’s why Azamara Club Cruises is proud to offer CruiseCare®. Think of it as a little extra reassurance and some peace of mind, while you’re off discovering the world with us.

CruiseCare covers you before, during, and after your voyage with cancellation and interruption benefits, sickness and accident medical services, and baggage protection. But more than anything, CruiseCare means you can spend less time focusing on the “what ifs” and more time on the spectacular sights and unforgettable moments you’ll experience on an immersive Azamara voyage.

For more information, or to sign up for CruiseCare please contact our CruiseCare administrator at 1-877-538-3816 or 1-516-342-2720 or email Azamara Club Cruises. Or, you can

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CruiseCare® Pricing

Cost of VoyageCruiseCare Price

Voyage costs and CruiseCare prices expressed in USD. Prices may change without notice.

CruiseCare Cancellation Penalty Waiver Program

Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go. But sometimes life has other things in mind. Cancel your trip, for whatever reason, and you’re covered. Up to 100% cash back for the unused portion of the cruise if you cancel for a specified reason, like illness or injury. Should you cancel for any other reason, you might be eligible for Cruise Credits of 75% of the price of your cruise. Of course, hopefully you won’t need to use this, but if you do, you may be required to provide documentation to support your claim.

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CruiseCare Cancellation Penalty Waiver Program
provided by Azamara Club Cruises
Trip Cancellation for Covered ReasonsCash refund up to total cruise vacation cost
Trip Interruption for Covered ReasonsCash refund up to total cruise vacation cost
Any Reason Cruise Credits75% future cruise credits


CruiseCare Travel Insurance Program

Delays are a part of travel sometimes, but with CruiseCare, they don’t have to be anything more than a mild inconvenience. CruiseCare covers your accommodations, meals, transportation, and help you catch up to your cruise if necessary. And for those times you arrive when you’re supposed to, but your baggage opts for the scenic route, your CruiseCare coverage will reimburse you up to a certain amount until your bags are returned.

There’s never a good time to feel under the weather—but it can be especially tough on vacation. CruiseCare also covers certain medical services to help you get back to feeling ship-shape in no time. And in the unlikely event of a more serious health issue, your coverage includes emergency medical evacuation, so the only thing you need to worry about is feeling better.

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CruiseCare Travel Insurance Program
Underwritten by Arch Insurance Company
Trip Delay
Coverage for the prepaid, unused sea/land arrangements, additional accommodations and traveling expenses to catch up if a guest is delayed en route to or from their cruise vacation.
Up to $500
Accidental Medical / Sickness Medical
Reimbursement if a guest becomes injured or ill during their cruise vacation.
Up to $10,000 each
Emergency Evacuation / Repatriation
Coverage in the event that a serious illness or injury requires a medical transport or air ambulance.
Up to $25,000 each
Baggage / Bag Delay
Reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged bags, and reimbursement for the purchase of necessary items if bags are delayed 24+ hours.
Up to $1,500 / $500

* Travel insurance purchased on or after October 1, 2016 for voyages on or after January 1, 2017 is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, with administrative offices in Jersey City, NJ. NAIC #11150 under Policy Form series LTP 2013.

CruiseCare Worldwide Emergency Assistance Program

With CruiseCare you need not have a care in the world thanks to our global, 24/7 network of service providers. With a single phone call, we can take care of everything from last-minute flight and hotel bookings, translation services, destination guides including weather updates, luggage location, and so much more. CruiseCare also makes your health our top priority and our expert network includes highly qualified health professionals. We also provide additional services like up-to-the-minute travel medical advisories, emergency medical, dental and legal assistance, replacement of prescriptions including eyeglasses/contact lenses and dental appliances, and referrals to trusted local providers.

Services provided by On Call International.

Within the US and Canada: 1-866-509-7716

Activation and Cancellation

You can purchase CruiseCare at any time between making your initial deposit and final payment. The plan’s coverage applies only during the covered trip.

Please note! Your CruiseCare Cancellation Penalty Waiver takes effect only after: 1) you have paid a deposit for your cruise and 2) you have paid for your CruiseCare plan cost in full, in addition to any cruise deposits due.

Payment of your cruise fare alone will not activate any part of the CruiseCare program. Your CruiseCare plan cost is fully refundable if you cancel before the published penalty period for Azamara Club Cruises.

CruiseCare Contact Information

If you need more information, please contact the program administrator at
1-800-797-4516 or 1-516-342-2720

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