Bremerhaven is a busy port city on the North Sea and the largest fishery pier in Europe. Walk the promenade and stop in any of the restaurants here for the freshest seafood ever, just barely out of the sea.

There’s a fascinating museum in the German Emigration Center, situated on a historic site in the New Harbor, where seven million Europeans set sail for the New World. For history buffs and anyone with German ancestry, it’s an amazing experience. First you “become” a passenger, wait on a dimly lit dock, then go on board and try to find your cramped and creaky sleeping cabin. Even Ellis Island is a part of the experience. At the end, you can research your genealogy.

Then tour Bremen, a charming fairy-tale city to the south. The market square is impressive: St. Petri Dom; an ancient Rathaus; a 16th-century guildhall; a modern glass-and-steel parliament building; and gabled town houses all compete for your attention. Then wander and shop Bremen’s old town, fashionable among artists who have restored the tiny cottages to serve as galleries and workshops.

Museum of Sea Travel

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Museum of Sea Travel

Museum of Sea Travel

Step foot on real ships, submarines, and vessels in this museum dedicated to sea travel. Inside, exhibits tell the history of this port's storied past.

Bremerhaven Harbor

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Bremerhaven Harbor

Bremerhaven Harbor

Take a harbor tour to get up close and personal with massive container ships. Learn more about Bremerhaven’s nautical and shipping past while experiencing the city from the sea.

Zoo am Meer

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Zoo am Meer

Zoo am Meer

This small public zoo focuses mainly on marine species from northern environments. Polar bears, sea lions, harbor seals, and penguins are just some of the many species found here.

Bremerhaven, Germany At a glance

Current Weather:
22°C / 71 °F
Fair (Day)
Fair (Day)
Partly Cloudy (Day)
Partly Cloudy (Day)
Current Time:
8:51:35 pm2018/07/15 20:51:35 pm
Sunday, July 15
UTC/GMT +02:00
Exchange Rates:
  • 1.16
  • 1.50
  • 0.87
  • 1.52
  • 75.18
  • 3.81
  • 22.28
  • 1.69
Local Details:
Size: 93.82 KM2 (36.22 MI2)
Population: 108,844
Density: 1,160 Pop/KM2 (448 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: 49

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