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Narrowed down your voyage options? Then the hard part is done. Now it's time to think about what to do once you arrive in some of the world's most fascinating places. Fortunately, we've made your decision-making process easy with these on shore excursion experiences, which are a great way to get to know the local life and culture in every port, and meet local people, too.


Azamara Club Cruises® is built on the idea that the greatest pleasure of travel comes from connecting with people and cultures through authentic local experiences.   It all starts with more time in port—longer stays, more overnights and night touringSM on 100% of our voyages. Azamara guests can visit neighboring towns and countrysides, or more distant inland cities like Berlin, Madrid, Beijing and Moscow. And overnight stays mean guests can visit a great UNESCO World Heritage site like Angkor Wat and still have a day or more for touring Bangkok. So come explore the world with us. We’ll take our time.

See the World in 360 Degrees

Get a taste of the world's most incredible destinations with our immersive videos. While the video is playing, click and drag within the window to view destinations and attractions in 360 degrees.

Explore more destinations with Azamara 3DI

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Azamazing EveningsSM

These authentic, exclusive, bespoke, and complimentary events offer the very best of local life, and we’ve created them just for you. Who doesn’t love a private party?

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Land Discoveries®

Our shore excursions take you deep into local culture with one-of-a-kind experiences and more choices than ever. Go places you’ve always dreamed about…or never knew existed.

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Nights and Cool PlacesSM

Awaken your inner night owl with these exclusive outings that bring together small groups of Azamara guests for remarkable cityscapes and after-dinner experiences.

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Insider AccessSM

Go behind the scenes and into the ancestral homes, family farms or shops of residents who put the local in “local culture.” Gain a new perspective, or maybe even a new friendship.

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We’re sharing our destination expertise with you in a whole new way. Our Cruise Global, Eat LocalSM guide provides deliciously curated recommendations to authentic local restaurants around the globe.

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Explore the world with us! With Destination Immersion® get to know the local life and culture in every port, and meet local people too.



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