Building a Cruising Appetite

If you remember our Azamara Scores Big in Cruise Critic's 2012 Cruisers' Choices Awards , we made a casual reference to the "little engine that could." Since then, our tiny, two-ship cruise line continues to hungrily huff and puff its way to the top. And speaking of hungry, our intimate boutique ships, the Azamara Quest and the Azamara Journey may be small in comparison to other grandiose cruise ships, but they certainly carry their weight within the cruising industry. Especially when it comes to feeding our guests. This is typically what we have available onboard to ensure we can provide a full ship with the most delicious cuisines.

Produce Proteins 
Apples3000 lbs.Beef11,000 lbs.
Asparagus1100 lbs.Fish6,300 lbs.
Bananas4000 lbs.Lamb2000 lbs.
Berries1350 lbs.Pork7500 lbs.
Broccoli1300 lbs.Poultry12,400 lbs.
Carrots2000 lbs.Sausage1000 lbs.
Fresh Herbs700 lbs.Shellfish4250 lbs.
Grapes3500 lbs.Veal2000 lbs.
Lemons1150 lbs.  
Lettuce5000 lbs.Dairy 
Melons11,000 lbs.Butter3000 lbs.
Mushrooms1000 lbs.Cheese2700 lbs.
Onions4000 lbs.Chocolate1000 lbs.
Oranges17,500 lbs.Milk1700 gal
Peppers2000 lbs.Half & Half250 gal
Pineapples4200 lbs.Whipping Cream400 gal
Potatoes13,750 lbs.Eggs, Fresh2000 doz.
Spinach1200 lbs.Eggs, Liquid4000 lbs.
Tomatoes5500 lbs.Yogurt6500 servings
Miscellaneous Beverages 
Coffee1300 lbs.Beer7650 bottles
Salad Dressing100 galWine10,250 bottles
Flour1800 lbs.Champagne700 bottles
Nuts450 lbs.Bourbon100 bottles
Pasta1400 lbs.Cognac21 bottles
Rice6700 lbs.Gin81 bottles
Sugar4000 lbs.Liqueurs140 bottles
Tea20,000 bagsRum125 bottles
  Scotch250 bottles
  Tequlia25 bottles
  Vodka225 bottles
  Whiskey30 bottles
  Water19,000 bottles
  Soda22,000 cans


Have we whetted your appetite? Experience the real thing and begin planning your dream voyage. Our April AzAmazing 5-Day Sale is just around the corner and will give you the opportunity to experience Asia or South America with a few added perks. Visit on April 2 nd for more details.

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