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We take pride in taking you to remarkable destinations. So it should come as no surprise that we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting places to discover. It’s also fitting that a first for Azamara is also a first for so many others: Cuba. We’ve put together extraordinary itineraries for the occasion, adding a Cuban port of call to the Azamara West Indies map. Discover what makes Cuba so complex, yet so inviting. So laid-back, yet so exciting.

From Colonial fortresses to the Salsa clubs of Havana—and immaculate beaches in between—remnants of the revolution pulse just below the surface, but the passion, history, and culture of this country make for one remarkable destination. Won’t you join us?

Departing: March 21, 2017
After sampling Key Lime pie in Key West, experiencing the fascinating Dali Museum or the white sand Clearwater beaches near Tampa, and strolling through the historic French Quarter in New Orleans, it's off to discover the dazzling island of Cozumel before arriving at the vibrant and stunning port city of Havana, Cuba—Azamara’s first voyage to Cuba! With an overnight stay, there's plenty of time to discover its cobbled streets lined with classic cars, craft markets, and colorful buildings.

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Departing: November 20, 2017
Start in famously laid-back Key West and discover first-hand why it is known as a place of escape and inspiration. Enjoy lively Duval Street, bustling Mallory Square, and charming architecture. Then stroll the historic neighborhood of Vieja Habana (Old Havana) or stop by the pastel hues of Havana’s beloved oceanside boulevard, the Malecón, for that perfect photo. Finish this voyage with aquamarine waters and undersea adventures in the laid-back jewel of Cozumel.

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Departing: November 27, 2017
Rich in culture, history, sunny skies and sandy shores, Havana is full of life, colorful buildings, historic plazas and eclectic architecture. And overnight in Havana means more time to enjoy its many charms. Stroll cobbled streets lined with classic cars and Salsa clubs. Havana seems to bask in a golden glow from sunrise to sunset. And you’ll be there to see it.

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Guests wanting to disembark in Cuba must be on an Azamara Club Cruises tour or certify that they otherwise meet the permitted travel requirements for Cuba.

All guests will be required to secure a tourist visa to travel to Cuba, whether they opt to remain onboard the ship or disembark while in Cuba. This will be managed by Azamara Club Cruises at a cost of $75 per guest, which will be added to the guest folio onboard. Each guest will receive their Visa at the port during check-in and will be responsible for providing their Visa to the Cuban authorities upon arrival in Cuba. If a guest loses their Visa, they will be able to purchase a new Visa onboard.



Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and perpetually sunny skies. The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba is a stunning tropical destination. But it’s also a captivating place with a complex history, rich culture, and fascinating people. A vibrant pulse and a life of its own. A place full of passion, music, heart and soul. Where good coffee, legendary cigars, and fine rum are plentiful. Cuba has plenty to offer and even more to explore.


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A legendary city. A true paradise, all but lost. A bustling urban center with a Caribbean spirit and an Afro-Cuban soul. And a pretty, breezy oceanside town.

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Discover Cuba

Learn why an Azamara cruise is the best way to discover Cuba, what U.S. travelers need to know, and all about an essential part of the country's national identity—coffee! All of this and more, now on our Destination Immersion blog.  

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