Traveling? There’s an app for that!

Traveling? There’s an app for that!

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With so many new apps available, it can be hard to figure out which are worth downloading before a vacation. We’ve done the work for you! Below are our picks for the most useful apps to download before your next Azamara cruise.


Trip It - Free - TripIt organizes all your travel plans in one simple place. Just forward your travel confirmation emails, and it will create a detailed daily itinerary!

WeatherPro - $2.99 - What should you pack? This app offers weather reports for over two million geographical locations, with astounding accuracy. (Don’t worry about packing an umbrella though, we provide them onboard.)

JetLag Genie - $2.99 Perhaps you have a cruise to Asia or Australia coming up – jet lag can be a problem! This app gives you a plan of action to begin before you leave, minimizing jet lag as much as possible.


Tipulator - Free - Tipulator allows you to easily split the check among friends, and calculate tips according to local standards. (You won’t need it onboard our ships, though – gratuities are complimentary with Azamara!)


ForeverMap 2 - $2.99 - While Google Maps is a must for every savvy traveler, we also love this great app. Maps of entire cities or countries are accessible even without an Internet connection.

Hailo - Free - Need a cab? Hailo is available in select cities in Europe, North America and Asia. This app will quickly get you a taxi – you can watch it arrive in real-time, pay via credit card and have your receipt emailed.

HopStop - Free - Sometimes the best way to navigate a city is via public transport. HopStop gives you real-time transit information for over 600 cities.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides - Free - Download this app before you leave, and you’ll have access to business reviews, facts and maps – all without using data roaming.


Yelp - Free - With this app, you’ll have easy access to reviews, hours of operation and phone numbers for local restaurants, pubs and cafes. Handy for when you want to hit the town during a late-night stay in port!

Foodspotting - Free - Unlike most restaurant apps, Foodspotting helps you find the best dishes in a city. It will tell you where to get the best croissant and what the best dish at a particular restaurant is.

Onavo Extend - Free - Every veteran traveler knows that data is precious when you’re abroad. Onavo Extend works in the background to find ways to save your mobile data.


Instagram - Free - Half the fun of traveling is making your friends back home jealous! We love Instagram for sharing photos. (Make sure you’re following us!) You can quickly add filters, and connect the app to your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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VSCO Cam - Free - This camera app provides more editing options than Instagram, but is simple enough to use that you can share photos on the go.

Fotor Photo Editor - Free - We love using Fotor for making fun<br />
photo collages straight from mobile – like this one we made during an AzAmazing Evening!

AzAmazing Evening Collage

Horizon - $1.99 - If you like taking video on your iPhone, this app is a must. It allows you to easily take video in horizontal mode and auto-levels video to stay parallel to the ground.

Splice - Free - Arguably the best free mobile video editor available, Splice is easy to use and has countless features. Edit audio, add a music track from your iPod library, speed up or slow down video, splice together photos and videos, narrate with your own voiceÉthe list goes on!


WhatsApp Messenger - Free - Use this smartphone messenger to text friends while avoiding international charges.

Skype - Free - Few things are as fulfilling as travel, but everyone misses<br />
home – especially if you’re enjoying an extended cruise. The Skype app will let you enjoy free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype.

Word Lens - Free (Language packs must be purchased.) - his amazing app provides translations from typed in words, or – even better – in real-time via your smartphone’s video camera.

Up & Coming

Come Trippin’ - This app is still in beta testing, but we think it’s worth keeping an eye on. Come Trippin’ will help you plan a group trip with your friends and family, keep plans, discussions and details at your finger tips, and easily share photos afterwards.

Aviate - Also in beta testing, Aviate says it will organize your apps and make your homescreen simpler. All your travel apps will be in one easy to find place, your photography apps in another. Perfect for the tech-savvy traveler!

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