Voyage to glaciers, waterfalls, and valleys

The village of Olden sits peacefully at the edge of the colossal Jostedal Glacier. This is Europe's largest ice floe, covering 188 square miles, and 2,000 feet at its thickest. But it’s not the only glacier in this park.

If you are feeling energetic, consider a journey to the frozen cascade of the million-year-old Briksdal Glacier, hiking the last portion across a wooden bridge over a waterfall, through a bewitching mountain valley, right up to the glacier’s face.

Alternatively, opt for a relaxing journey by boat on an emerald green lake framed by ancient mountains.

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Over centuries, the largest glacier in northern Europe, Jostedalsbreen, has created a dynamic and breathtaking landscape. There are over 20 “arms” or “tongues” reaching out from the main body of ice into the surrounding valleys and hillsides.  This powerful mountain of moving ice has created truly stunning scenery.


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This picturesque emerald green lake has been carved from glacial ice. Enjoy a peaceful cruise on the lake to view the spectacular scenery. Several charming hotels and restaurants are scattered along the shoreline, making it the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Briksdalen Glacier

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Briksdalen Glacier

Briksdalen Glacier

At the head of the inner Nordfjord is the village of Olden and a not-to-be-missed journey up to the frozen cascade of the million years old Briksdal Glacier.

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Olden, Norway At a glance

Current Time:
5:43:27 pm2017/04/24 17:43:27 pm
Monday, April 24
UTC/GMT +02:00
Norwegian Krone
Exchange Rates:
  • 0.15
  • 0.12
  • 0.16
  • 0.09
  • 0.11
  • 7.57
  • 0.37
  • 2.18
Local Details:
GPS: 61°50'1.65"N 6°48'33.58"E
Size: 0.57 KM2 (0.22 MI2)
Population: 498
Density: 874 Pop/KM2 (337 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: +47

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