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Paris has a long history of excellence in delectable treats. From the pâtisserie that line the charming streets, to the crepe stands at every corner, and the smell of freshly baked confections wafting through the air—Paris is a sweet city. The king of Parisian sweet treats is the macaron, two rounded cookies filled with jam or paste. Originally intended as a light and airy cookie, the macaron evolved in the 1830s in Paris into the modern day sandwich version. When made correctly this French delicacy cannot be beat.

 Macarons are made using a mixture of egg whites, flour and sugar to create a light and crispy cookie that is complemented by a decadent paste filling. Fittingly for the king of all pastries, making macarons takes a certain skill and patience. Pierre Hermé is a fourth generation pastry chef who has been making macarons since the age of 14. His macarons inspire Parisians and tourists alike to line up outside his pastry shop, waiting for chance to try his creations. The line is well worth the wait for the heavenly macarons and innovative flavors this chef has fashioned.

Hermé is famous for the many flavors of macarons his shop makes. In addition to the common flavor offerings of chocolate, pistachio and vanilla, Hermé has taken the art of macaron making to a new level with indulgent filling flavor combinations such as vanilla with olive oil, peach saffron with apricot, and rose with chestnuts or mandarin oranges. There are also exotic choices including avocado with banana, jasmine tea, earl gray with chocolate, and caramel with sea salt.

Pierre Hermé’s macarons are far from ordinary; they are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The cookies are light and crispy and the filling lusciously dense. There are several Pierre Hermé locations around the world, and the pastry shop will even ship them to you, but the experience of eating a freshly made macaron as you stroll down a Parisian boulevard is as rich as eating one.

Pierre Hermé

72, rue Bonaparte
75006 PARIS
Tel : +33 (1) 43 54 47 77

Open Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM  Saturday, open to 7:30 PM

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