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For many years I found myself explaining to yet-to-cruise travelers that the true selling point of cruise travel is that you are not packing up your suitcase every time you move from one destination to the next. Cruise ships leave each port around sunset, sail at night, and you magically wake up the next day in a new destination.

Beautiful sunset

A perk of land-based travel is staying in a city overnight. Watching the sunset, enjoying a late dinner, and soaking up the vibrant nightlife. However, the next day you must pack up your suitcase, and lose time traveling to the next destination.

With Azamara Club Cruises, guests enjoy the best of both worlds. Our ships depart later at night, or even stay overnight. Guests can spend a leisurely day exploring, enjoy dinner ashore, do some evening touring, and still wake up the next day in a new destination. They never pack and unpack, and the actual ‘travel’ happens while they sleep.

Think about that. If you know you’re in a port all day, through the evening hours, and perhaps overnight, imagine the fun you can have!

Now you can see even more after the sun goes down, with our new Cruise Global, Nights Local™ program. These thoughtfully curated, after-dinner experiences let you see the ports of call in a different light – literally.

Explore the Picasso Museum and its private gardens in Malaga, Spain after-hours.

Picasso Museum, Malaga

Discover the magical landscape of Santorini at night.


Get a taste of Rio de Janeiro’s famed nightlife at the Rio Scenarium.

Rio Scenarium

Try a serene evening gondola serenade in Venice.


Relax and enjoy the views during a sunset sailboat ride past Mexico’s famous Arco de Cabo San Luca.

Arco de Cabo San Luca

Take in a lively Russian folkloric performance and admire St. Petersburg’s famous landmarks during a cruise along the Neva River.

Neva River

Personally I don’t know if I could pick which would be my favorite, so I say try them all!

Happy touring!


Bonnie MacLaird

Bonnie MacLaird is Azamara's Chief Blogging Officer. She has worked in the cruise industry for over 20 years and shares a passion for travel with Azamara guests. You can most often find Bonnie offering helpful tips and sharing Azamara news in the Cruise Critic online forum.

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