Then... and now.

Calm and vibrant. Complicated and inviting. Small in size, big on…everything else. Cuba is a world of contradictions. The largest of the Caribbean islands is nothing short of extraordinary. A stunning tropical paradise that is as interesting as it is beautiful. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and sunny skies. But also complex history, rich culture, fascinating people, passion, music, heart and soul, good coffee, legendary cigars, and fine rum.

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Arts & Culture

Like a gallery come to life, Cuba is culturally rich with a thriving arts scene. The streets themselves works of art, the country is teeming with fascinating museums, galleries, theatres and art schools.

A Taste For Change

Witness an emerging culinary revolution. Restaurants that were once owned by the state are doing new things, exploring their palates, and changing the state of Cuban food.


A heady mix of African rhythms and Spanish melodies, Cuban music is everywhere. Lively, energetic, and compulsively enjoyable, it practically gives the country a pulse of its own.


Stroll cobbled streets lined with classic cars. Hear exotic rhythms drifting in and out of narrow alleys and live music at every turn. Discover waters made for snorkeling and scuba diving. Explore estate ruins, tobacco plantations, and Spanish colonial cities, catching glimpses in the window of the country’s storied past. Roll your own famous Cuban cigar, even if it’s just for the photo. Find incredible architecture, breathtaking street murals, fine urban galleries, and Cuban cuisine transformed.

A former power station, now a trendy restaurant. A cooking-oil factory, now a performance space, bar and music venue. Yes, this is a place that seems untouched by the passage of time. But that’s not stopping it from the exciting transformation that lies ahead.

Discover Cuba

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