Imagine shopping bustling markets for fresh ingredients with Azamara’s chefs or learning to make a traditional dish at the home of a welcoming resident. One of the biggest joys of travel is immersing yourself in local culture through authentic local food and drink—and it’s easy to expand your culinary horizons when you Cruise Global, Taste Local.

To accompany these delicious epicurean experiences, you’ll be treated to the best local wine, beer, spirits, and so much more when you travel with Azamara Club Cruises®. Go wine tasting in an Italian vineyard. Say “Skål” over a local Danish beer. Sip premium vodka in stunning St. Petersburg.

From expertly curated restaurant recommendations to engaging food discovery tours culminating in exclusive private dinners, Cruise Global, Taste Local uncovers the culinary gems of your destination and will leave you hungry for more.

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  • Our tours have a maximum of 25 guests, so you enjoy a more personal connection with the destination and more individual interaction with your guides.*
  • Every excursion is designed and delivered by locals who are committed to bringing you a uniquely immersive experience and authentic perspective.
  • We work exclusively with trusted tour operators who are fully insured and committed to the highest standards of quality and service. There are never any hidden costs, and you can explore with confidence knowing the ship will wait if your tour is delayed for any reason.

*Some exclusions apply to maximum tour capacity. Tour capacity applies to select tours offered on European sailings beginning April 18th, 2017 on Azamara Quest® and May 29th, 2017 on Azamara Journey®. In the unlikely event that your tour is significantly delayed, we’ll make all the arrangements for you to return to the ship at the earliest opportunity at no expense to you.

Featured Chef-hosted excursions

Join our chefs as they shop for ingredients they’ll use to create a private onboard dining experience for your tour group later that evening. Gain insider knowledge on local, in-season delicacies and how to prepare them best. It’s our take on farm-to-table dining. Call it shore-to-ship.

Danish Dinner & Beer Tasting

Shop local delicacies with the ship’s chef at Market Halls for an exclusive onboard dining experience. Tour a popular brewery and sample four distinctive Danish suds.

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Experience the flavors of Copenhagen on an excursion led by the ship’s Executive Chef. The hallmark of the day is a private dinner prepared and served on board the ship. First, however, join your Chef at Market Halls, a bustling haven of merchants and restaurants, where you’ll taste Danish delicacies and shop for locally sourced ingredients to be used in the evening’s “foodie” extravaganza.

Afterwards, stroll through the oldest corners of Copenhagen and make a special stop for a piece of classic Danish cake. Continue to BrewPub, one of the city’s most popular breweries, for a tour accompanied by the ship’s Brewmaster. Learn about the art of beer making and sample four distinctive Danish brews. Back at the ship relive the day’s experiences and prepare to savor your Chef’s creations. Enjoy an exclusive dinner hosted by the Chef and served in honor of his new friends – you counted among them.

Duration 4 Hours
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Delightful Dubai

Explore local markets and souks with the ship’s chef to find authentic ingredients which will be featured in your exclusive group dinner onboard. Tour a camel farm and taste brews from around the world at the acclaimed Coffee Museum.

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Discover the flavors of Dubai on a culinary escapade led by your Executive Chef. Begin at the city’s Fish Market, where you’ll help select the day’s local catch for a private dinner aboard the ship. Cross the street to find more local ingredients at the Vegetable and Fruit Market. Then, explore Dubai’s fragrant Spice Souk in search of exotic Arabian herbs. Return to the ship for some free time to unwind and have lunch.

Later, join an Azamara expert for a visit to Dubai’s Camelicious Farm, home to over 4,000 milk-producing camels. Learn about the dairy process and pick up a few camel-milk treats. The fun continues at the acclaimed Coffee Museum. Sample brews from around the world during an insightful exploration of coffee history. Return to the ship to savor an exclusive group dinner hosted by your Executive Chef and prepared using the day’s market finds.

Duration 3.5 Hours
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Amalfi Taste and Toast

Discover the freshest of authentic Italian ingredients with our Executive Chef at a lively market, then learn the secrets to exceptional wine making at the famous Tramonti winery.

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Delve into Amalfi’s most cherished treasure – its food. In the morning, join the ship’s Executive Chef at a local village to shop for local ingredients to be incorporated into the evening’s Italian menu. Later, accompany the ship’s Sommelier on a tour of the acclaimed Tramonti winery. Learn wine making secrets from the estate owner and indulge in a tasting in the rustic wine cellar.

Location Amalfi, Italy
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Featured Tasting Tours

Local culture can best be expressed through food and drink, and the traditions that surround how each are created and enjoyed. Expert guides take you to the world’s wineries, kitchens and farms to savor local delicacies and drinks. Learn about the history of each unique region and its fascinating culinary connections.

Chateaux & French Wines

Sample the reds, rosés, and acclaimed “Cru Classé” white wines of Provence on this tour through Southern France. Visit Les Arcs, the wine capital of Côtes de Provence, and the renowned Maison des Vins.

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Embark on an adventure in wine appreciation that begins with a panoramic drive through the Esterel Mountains and into the fertile countryside of Southern France. It’s a journey that showcases two fine wineries and provides the chance to sample the reds, rosés and the acclaimed “Cru Classé” white wines of Provence. Travel to Les Arcs, which many aficionados hail as the capital of Cotes de Provence wines.

Here, enjoy a tasting tour at the renowned Le Maison des Vins. Next on the agenda is the family-owned Chateau Saint Martin. Learn how this vineyard can be traced back to the 2nd century BC and enjoy ample time to explore the historic property. Naturally, a tasting is featured, as well as the chance to purchase a few bottles of your favorites from the estate’s expansive collection. Connoisseur or casual fan, this is certainly an adventure worthy of a toast or two.

Location Cannes, France
Duration 5 Hours
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Mexican Cuisine Workshop & Tasting

Learn how to prepare a three-course Mexican feast from a prestigious local chef in a private kitchen. Indulge in your creations with fine Mexican wine and an unbeatable view.

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Delight in the fun and culture of Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park. This popular Cozumel attraction offers a variety of exciting recreational opportunities and an in-depth connection to Mexican culture. A cooking workshop brings the flavors and textures of the region to life in a private kitchen area. One of the city’s prestigious chefs leads a demonstration and lesson in how to prepare an exquisite, three-course Mexican meal at a fully equipped work station.

After the workshop, gather in the dining room to indulge in the day’s preparations accompanied by Mexican wine and a terrific view. While away the rest of the tour exploring Playa Mia’s soft sands, clear waters or enjoying other amenities, like a replica Mayan city, kayaks, paddle boats, floats and more.

Location Cozumel, Mexico
Duration 5 Hours
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A Taste of Marlborough

Local New Zealand flavors come to life on this immersive tasting tour. Visit the award-winning Spy Valley Vineyard, savor sumptuous boutique chocolates and shop unique gourmet oils, preserves, and sauces to take home.

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Tantalize your taste buds and enjoy authentic flavors of Marlborough and New Zealand with gourmet delights including olive oils, preserves, sauces, spirits and liqueurs. Learn the elements of winemaking at the Spy Valley Vineyard. Your expert hosts will take you on in-depth behind the scenes tour of the winery followed by a tasting of their award-winning wines. Then indulge in delicious chocolates at the Makana Boutique Chocolate Factory.

Duration 4 Hours
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Recommended Restaurants

Meals are a perfect way to get to know a culture in just a few bites. So if you want to experience cultural authenticity in every dish, we know the culinary gems—locally owned, locally sourced and always locally beloved—for an unforgettable experience you could never duplicate.


Peony Jade (Singapore, Singapore Republic)
Savor Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine crafted from fresh ingredients in an elegantly renovated riverside warehouse.
Address: 3 River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Distance from port: About 5.8 miles from port
Phone number: +65 6338 0305


Alegro Restaurant (Mykonos, Greece)
This waterside gem is a popular spot for locals to enjoy a morning coffee, and serves traditional Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist.
Address: Mikonos 846 00
Distance from port: About 3 miles from port
Phone number: +30 2289 025030
The Pig’s Ear (Dublin, Ireland)
Discover spectacular, simple cuisine at this modern bistro where Irish classics take on a contemporary air.
Address: 4 Nassau Street
Distance from port: About 2.2 miles from port
Phone number: +353 1 - 670 3865

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