Cruise to An Ancient Romanian Seaport

The Emperor Augustus banished the great Roman poet Ovid to Constanta in AD 8. And while it may have been a valid form of punishment back then, we can think of far worse places to spend the rest of our life today. Continuously inhabited for over 2,600 years, Constanta is rich in history and culture, which means there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

In the old city center you can tip your hat to Ovid’s statue in his namesake square, explore Roman Mosaics in the former commercial center, or marvel at the elegant ruins of the unfinished grand Casino. To shop for traditional Romanian handicrafts like delicate painted eggs, leatherwork, and handcrafted pottery, head to the Folk Art Museum, and learn a little more about the region’s culture while you’re at it!

And if Constanta’s eight miles of sandy beaches and nearby mineral springs aren’t really your thing, Bucharest (AKA “Little Paris of the East”) is just three hours away by train. Join us on a Cruise Global, Connect LocalSM shore excursion that will take you to the Palace of the Parliament, Revolution Square, and the former Central Committee of the Communist Party. You’ll learn about Romania’s tumultuous history, and hear traditional folk music while enjoying a feast fit for a king or queen.

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Ovid Square

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Ovid Square

Ovid Square

Located in the heart of the Old City, Ovid Square features a large statue dedicated to the distinguished poet.

In the year AD 8, Ovid was banished for Rome and exiled to Consțanta where the city helped shaped his later literary works.

Ethnographical Museum

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Ethnographical Museum

Ethnographical Museum

A vast collection of Romanian icons, jewelry, folk costumes, and artifacts dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries is on display here.

Bucharest - Little Paris Of The East

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Bucharest - Little Paris Of The East

Bucharest - Little Paris Of The East

Learn the tumultuous history of the region while visiting the Palace of the Parliament, Revolution Square, the former headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Patriarchal Church.

A local feast and performance of Romanian folk music will provide greater insight into this rich area.

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Constanta (Bucharest), Romania At a glance

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Monday, October 22
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Local Details:
Size: 228.00 KM2 (88.03 MI2)
Population: 1,900,000
Density: 8,333 Pop/KM2 (3,218 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: +40

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