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Don’t take my word for it. Our post-cruise guest comments verify that our onboard staff consistently deliver personalized service that exceeds expectations:

  • “Azamara delivered a product on a level that you simply must experience to understand. We have never felt such an intimacy with the senior officers and staff as we have on Azamara, and we look forward to renewing those friendships each time we board.”
  • “Since we had cruised with Azamara before our expectations were set high. But you worry that maybe that cruise was an exception. Azamara exceeded our expectations by providing outstanding service throughout every provided service….”

Our goal is to individualize each guest’s experience by humanizing our service and product features in a personal manner with a respect for the intangibles: guests’ feelings, perceptions and attitudes, and to respond with flair and style. Whether it’s something as simple as being greeted by name or perhaps it’s your bartender remembering the fact that you like your cocktails light on ice, we want to impress you each and every moment we get a chance.

With one staff member for every two guests, Azamara’s personal service is unparalleled in your stateroom, outside by the pool, in the Spa, anywhere at all, at anytime. To achieve this requires craftsmanship: our onboard officers, staff and crew are trained in anticipatory service to be able to anticipate a guest’s needs and empowered to make it happen during each moment of your vacation.

  • “The complete “customer first” attitude of the staff – the little extra touches – iced bottles of water on the sun deck – the complimentary sorbet served on deck. The way the Captain and his staff were not only visible but interacted with the passengers on a daily basis.”

I believe that when Larry Pimentel, our CEO and President, added the word “CLUB” to our name, it created the platform for our officers, staff and crew to deliver a consistently high level of personalization in their relationships with our guests. “CLUB” was not a mere marketing ploy but a very strategic and deliberate component in ensuring that our software delivered an “authentic” guest service delivery experience that would set Azamara apart from its competitive set. To illustrate – consider the difference between ripe fresh squeezed orange juice and pre-packaged orange juice from concentrate. On first appearance these two glasses may look the same, but there is a discernible difference in the preparation, the quality and the taste. Our service is not from “concentrate.”

  • “The personal daily contact of the Captain of the Azamara Journey to the ship’s passenger guests was extraordinary compared to other ships that we have sailed. He is very approachable and made us a special family during the entire cruise.”

Our reason for being is to fulfill our guest’s vacation expectations by consistently exceeding each guest’s service expectations. We’re an experience first and foremost and a cruise line second.

Bill Leiber
Chief Blogging Officer*
Azamara Club Cruises
(*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)


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  1. Looking forward to shipping out on the July 21 & 28 Barcelona & Monte Carlo departures of The Azamara JOURNEY, with our great & dear friends George & Lillian + the amazing Azamara Crew & Team!!! 😉

  2. eruised on both the Quest and the Journey. Captain on both was Johannes Tyssee (Nov 2011 and July 2012). . These cruises wre the best ever. The crew is exceptional. The Captain has the best sense of humor and interacted with the passengers. He was often greeting passengers when they returned to the ship from shore excursions and bidding them a great day disembarking also. I cannot praise this cruise line enough. And the food – the FOOD – it was spectacular! I LOVE cruising Azamara!!

  3. Thinking of joining the Azamara 14 Night of the Americas Journey – 18/2/2014 -can you tell me what demographic this cruise would mainly attract. Is it the first time this trip has been offered and if it has been run before where I could find a review on it.

    What shore exxcursions would be offered/enlightening programmes etc

    Looking forward to your reply.