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AzAmazing Evening – Traveling Back To Roman Times

Note: This is a special feature post from Mark and Dale from Meet Me OnBoard, the largest gay cruise community online. Azamara is a proud partner with Meet Me OnBoard.

Imagine: a warm, Mediterranean evening. You and your husband sit holding hands within a centuries-old outdoor theatre, listening to the strains of classical music as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon.

Visiting Ephesus at night with Azamara Club Cruises.

This magical experience wasn’t a dream, but one of Azamara’s trademark AzAmazing Evenings. On our recent Azamara cruise, Dale and I were privileged to attend a classical music concert among the ruins of Ephesus. The event was exclusive only to passengers, giving our group the ancient Odeon concert hall all to ourselves.

A special Azamara event at Ephesus.

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Gdansk, Poland: Can One Painting Tell the History of a City?

Note: This is a special feature post by travel writer Jean Newman Glock of

Gdansk, Poland is city that many know as the place where shipyard worker Lech Walesa led the strikes and established the Solidarity Union that led to the end of Soviet control of the region. I was looking forward to seeing how it had changed since my last visit in 1996, but was less clear on the more distant history of this beautiful city. 

All visitors walk the cobblestone streets of the revitalized medieval old town. But it was the visit to see the city’s “jewel” that finally explained the challenges Gdansk citizens had faced over the centuries.

Gdanks, Poland

The greatest treasure of Gdansk is Hans Memling’s The Final Judgment. An altarpiece painted at the height of the Renaissance in 1471. (Please read on…this is not an article on artistic composition—this is about travel, trust me!)

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Berlin’s Turbulent History

Note: This is a special feature post by travel writer Jean Newman Glock of

Tuesday Morning, August 3, 2015, sailing the Baltic Sea on the Azamara Quest from Wismar, Germany to Ronne, Denmark, we were “saluted” by a very low and loud fly by of US F-18s. Not really saluted, but the patrol screaming over us could not be missed. A loud reminder we were sailing in waters disputed throughout history that remain a focal point of “East/West” tensions today.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

We had just finished a Land Discoveries tour to Berlin from the port of Wismar entitled “Berlin’s Turbulent History”. A sober (but excellent) excursion arranged by Azamara that focused on the Berlin of World War II and the Cold War.  Berlin is a cultural mecca today, with an almost Roaring Twenties feel. But instead of museum hopping, I chose to see the actual locations where so much of our recent history was played out. And this day defined the very best of Destination Immersion.

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Cruising the Norwegian Fjords with Azamara Club Cruises

Abroad Lee Abbamonte

One of the best days of my recent cruise onboard the Azamara Quest was spent in Svolvaer and Troll Fjord. I had been looking forward to checking out the Lofoten Islands or the Lofoten Archipelago, and the natural beauty was undeniable.  While I wouldn’t say that Svolvaer is amongst my favorite places, it was certainly pretty and the Troll Fjord was phenomenal!

A Norwegian Fjords cruise with Azamara.

We arrived early into Svolvaer and I had signed up to do a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) tour. These are high performance, fast, stable boats and to be honest they’re pretty freaking awesome! The 90-minute boat tour, where you’re fully geared up in Antarctica style gear, starts at the gorgeous harbor in Svolvaer and then heads out into the Lofoten Islands. The weather was cold and rainy, but there were some cool waterfalls and the fisherman’s wife statue was really cool coming back into the harbor. Read full post

Geiranger – the Best Fjord in Norway

Abroad Lee Abbamonte

I had long heard tales about Geiranger and Geirangerfjord. I had heard of its beauty and amazing landscapes. It was said that it was the best of the fjords. I haven’t seen all of the fjords in Norway but I’ve seen a lot of them and all of the supposed top fjords. With that said, I hereby proclaim that Geiranger is the best fjord in Norway!


Arriving into Geiranger is pretty awesome. You pretty much have to come by cruise ship or by smaller ferry and you pass some spectacular scenery along the way. The highlight is the seven sisters waterfall. The seven sisters are composed of seven waterfalls, five bigger ones and two smaller ones.  Read full post