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Back By Popular Demand: Samaria Gorge Hike

The Azamara Quest was recently in Chania, Crete – home to the beautiful Samaria Gorge National Park. A few guests had an interest in doing a hike there, having heard about a previous hike from Hotel Director Ryszard. A few announcements later, enough guests and crew had signed up for another “AzAmazing” adventure! A big thanks to Ryszard (Hotel Director), Marion (Nurse), Wade (Land Discoveries) and Antonio (Photo Manager) for making it happen.

We hope you enjoy the below photos and story from Hotel Director Ryszard and Captain Carl.

Director Ryszard and Captain Carl

Everybody enjoyed the scenic ride to the peak of the White Mountains, and the view from the top is breathtaking. The journey down is also breathtaking, but in a more literal sense! The path is around 15 miles down a dry river bed, and is uneven at best – but never boring. The views are outstanding. Wildlife and nature is at its absolute best here.

At the bottom of the gorge, the Libyan Sea laps the shore. We were able to partake in local foods and freshly squeezed orange juice, followed by a swim. The last part of the trek involved a ferry trip around the bottom of Crete to the nearest port with roads, around 15 miles away from the end of the hike. There we boarded a bus for Chania, and most of us slept all the way back to the ship!

The whole excursion lasted around 14 hours, and for the first time that I (Captain Carl) was the first person ashore and the last one back! It was an incredible day to remember, which guests are still talking about…especially when they have to stand up with sore legs!

– Captain Carl and Hotel Director Ryszard

You Are Here

Watch Your Step

Beautiful Mountain View


Come Here, Goat


Handsome Bunch

Samaria Gorge View

Crossing the Stream

Scenic Photo-Op

Beautiful Samaria Gorge

Photo-Op on the Crossing


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  1. Samaria gorge! The year is 1992 and most of my class from the jr. College in Zuerich, Switzerland are in Plakias, Crete to celebrate the 35th re-union. We travelled by car to many of the ancient sites, museums and beaches; but none of the excursions was as breathtaking as “clambering” down the Samara gorge! 
    Would love to do that again and am happy to read that Azamara can be the “place of departure” for this marvellous excursion. The future will tell! BTW we loved our Eastern Mediterranean cruise on one of the previously known as “R” ships! And that was before the turmoil in Egypt; consider myself blessed.

  2. Just back from a fantastic trip on the Azamara Quest.  Rome to Istanbul. What a friendly group of staff and everything was perfection.  Thankyou.     By the way Captain …..just looking from our window across to the Isle of Man  it’s very clear today!

  3. What fun! And, a one-of-a-kind excursion – hiking with Captain Carl & Hotel Director Ryszard through Crete’s famous Gorge Or, might this be a repeat adventure on Aug. 14, when Quest is at anchor at Chania? Although August’s heat might be a bit much for 14 miles…

  4. I want to do this on our June 16th stop but we only have 11 hours.   I’ve been told we could do it privately but still hoping there will be an Azamara organized trip.