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August 2014

The New Singapore


I first went to Singapore in 1999 and used to joke that it was cleaner than Disneyland, just not as fun and that Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport were the best things about Singapore. However, over the last 15 years the city, state and country have done a tremendous job in changing that image which had been popularly held by most visitors. Nowadays, Singapore is teeming with life and offers a lot to visitors. It’s a new Singapore.


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12 Colorful Cities Around The World

The world is a colorful place, and you can soak it all in during a cruise. Just don’t forget to pack your sunglasses to visit these twelve brightly-hued cities! 

colorful cities map


Click the map above to check out “Colorful Cities Around The World” on Pinterest. We’re always adding more!

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Hermi Z. shared this stunning photo of Manarola, taken during his Azamara cruise. We’ll be traveling here again in May 2015.

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Fragrances of Cruises Past

Az The World Turns - Written by Bonnie MacLaird

I am somewhat sentimental about my past travels. And for me fragrances trigger my “scentimental” memories. Passing through my day-to-day life, certain scents will trigger memories of a cruise line scent and I’m back in time experiencing life onboard with whichever line I associate with that scent. For example, many years ago onboard Seabourn Cruise Line it was a specific Tiffany & Co. soap. But it is also their brand of cleaning products. There’s an elevator at a high-end restaurant in Sausalito I frequent with the identical smell as the elevators on Seabourn. While riding to the second floor of this bayside restaurant my mind invariably returns to and imagines I’m going to dinner at The Restaurant. I remember the maitre d’ greeting us and escorting me to our table.

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