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September 2013

Azamatter of Fact: A Savvy Shopper’s User Guide

Book Your Next Azamara Voyage onboard to receive up to $600 Per Stateroom Savings!

At Azamara, our savings programs let you receive more vacation for less money. It makes sense to be a smart and savvy shopper, and keeping you informed about our savings programs is important. I’ll be sharing details of these types of programs in blogs titled "AZAMATTER OF FACT – SAVVY SHOPPER’S USER GUIDE”.

Santorini, Greece

The first in this series is a summary of our Onboard Booking Program, called AZAMARA’S PASSAGES program. It features tariff savings, reduced deposit benefits and flexibility for you to decide on the best time and itinerary that fits your schedule. It’s offered on every published voyage on both vessels. See our Onboard Cruise Sales Manager for more information and to purchase an Open Passage account.

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Immerse yourself in Azamara with Extended Voyages

Travel shouldn’t be rushed or hectic. By booking multiple Azamara Club Cruises voyages, you’ll have a more relaxed, more culturally immersive travel experience and you’ll save money.

Wherever you choose, you’ll love where we take you.

Asia & The Pacific

Asia collage

Combine this December 23 14 Night Voyage that takes you from Singapore to Myanmar, Phuket and Malaysia with this 15 Night Voyage that includes Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Hanoi. You’ll be able to experience the adventures of Asia while enjoying a few relaxing sea days as well.

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Interview with Hotel Director Philip Herbert

Philip Hebert

It’s hard to find a more interesting person than our Hotel Director Philip Herbert. Philip was born in Kenya, educated in the UK, and now travels the world with Azamara Club Cruises.

In our latest Q&A, Phillip’s passion for his job comes through in every answer. He chatted with us about his favorite ports for nightlife, sailing close to the London Bridge, his funniest story and most challenging experience on the job.

What’s a typical day like for Phillip? Well, on top of meetings, emails and safety drills, Phillip takes every opportunity to hear from Azamara guests.

“Most days in port we meet on the gangway as the tours are being dispatched. We say hello to guests, get to know them, and hear their feedback. The guests know they will see us there every day and after a while they feeling comfortable bringing things to our attention. That’s exactly what we want. If even the smallest thing isn’t right, we want to hear about it.”

Phillip often has lunch with guests in Windows Café (you’ll find him seeking out Thai, Indian or Japanese cuisine) and dines in Prime C or Aqualina. “It’s another great way to hear feedback,” he says.

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