Vivienne’s Cruise

Vivienne’s Cruise

From the moment we were greeted when boarding the ship, we knew this was going to be a wonderful experience. And a first was leaving Venice—having been delayed by the Venetians protesting in the Grand Canal (got it on film)—we sailed out as the sun was setting on the beautiful city! It has to be said that the crew were absolutely amazing. Within a couple of days we felt like we were part of “the Azamara family”—from the cleaning staff to waiters to the entertainers and all the way up to the Captain.

This was my first cruise ever; I won it in a competition on Luxury Brands and chose the cruise that departed from my favourite city, Venice, and my daughter Andrea joined me. At first we were a little nervous that there were not a lot of very young people on the cruise as my daughter is only 19, but we both had an absolutely amazing trip.

It is so difficult to choose a favourite stop as all of them had such special moments, but if we really had to choose it would probably be Sorrento as we had an overnight stay there. We both loved Dubrovnik, especially the AzAmazing Evening where we experienced the culture and food of the area—absolutely beautiful dancing and singing took our breath away.

On board we had an absolute blast, from the friendly faces and delicious meals in the Windows Café, with meals from different countries every night, to the Staff Captain’s dinner with Staff Captain Michael and 3 wonderful couples at the Discoveries restaurant, and teas and cake at the Mosaic Café and lunches on the Pool Deck, we really were spoiled for choice! And we cannot forget the “White Nights” party on deck!

We had the most fun at the Luxe Casino Bar where the bartender, Vasyl, patiently made cocktail after cocktail for us and listened and shared stories with us every night before and after the brilliant entertainment in the Cabaret Lounge. Every night ended at the Looking Glass where we would dance the night away to the wonderful music of DJ Mike Ocean until it closed at 2:00a.m. when we would retire to our cabin, which was our home away from home.

Having had such an amazing experience I couldn’t imagine sailing on any other ship, and am eagerly looking forward to my next trip. Gone are the days of planning to travel overseas every year, now my plans are around “how soon can I save enough to join the Azamara family for another cruise!” We have the most precious memories of our trip which was not only fun, but brought us so much closer together as mother and daughter. We met the most amazing people and experienced beautiful places, cultures and food. I could go on forever! Thank you Azamara!