Journey Along the Spine of South America with Azamara’s Chile Cruises

With its elongated shape and diverse latitudes and altitudes, Chile has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. The Andes Mountains, Lake District, Atacama Desert, Chilean Fjords, Patagonia, sub-Antarctic, Cape Horn…the list of spectacular sights goes on and on.

Let the experts at Azamara guide you through this captivating country of vibrant cities, Colonial towns, renowned wine regions, and natural wonders. With 36 national parks, 49 national reserves, and 20% of the country designated as protected areas, there’s plenty to wonder at!

We can take you everywhere from the streets of Santiago to the wine cellars of Coquimbo, from the multi-colored homes of Valparaiso to the penguin colonies of Punta Arenas, and from Glacier Alley and Beagle Channel to the very ends of the Earth. Stay longer and experience more on a Chile cruise with Azamara.

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Culture & Historic Sites

Colorful, chaotic, and the site of La Sebastiana (Pablo Neruda’s house and museum), the must-visit Valparaiso and its historic quarter was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003.
  • For panoramic views of Santiago, take the funicular or hike to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal. It features a botanical garden, a huge statue of the Virgin Mary, and the city’s largest public park.
Home to some of the world’s oldest mummies, the barren but beautiful Atacama Desert resembles the surface of the moon. It’s also the world’s driest desert, with some areas having never experiencing rainfall.

Nature & Wildlife

Chile’s Lake District features 12 major lakes, ancient forests, rivers and waterfalls, and snow-capped volcanos, making it ideal for hiking, rafting, kayaking, and soaking in the many thermal hot springs.
  • Wildlife in Chile is just as varied as its regions and climates. Get your cameras ready for everything from penguins, pudus, and pumas to guanacos, vicuñas, flamingos, and condors (Chile’s national bird).
  • Native Chilean marine mammals include sea lions, elephant seals, sea otters, dolphins, and many species of whales like humpbacks, sperm, sei, and blue whales—the largest mammal in the world.

Food & Drink

One of the most beloved Chilean foods is pastel de choclo—a “corn pie” made from beef sautéed with onions, chicken, olives, and hard-boiled egg pieces, and covered with dough made of fresh corn. 
  • Try regional dishes like sopaipillas (pumpkin fritters), empanadas, cazuela (beef, seafood, or chicken stew), ceviche, and parrillada (various meats grilled over charcoal and served with potato salad or rice).
  • Chilean wine production is renowned for its outstanding quality and value. Top wines to sample include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Carménère, and Pinot Noir.

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