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Busan’s deep harbor and gentle tides have made it a desirable port, now fifth largest in the world. Get the big picture with a panoramic view of the city and surroundings from atop Busan Tower.

Koreans consider raw fish both a delicacy and an everyday meal, so for a look or a taste, head to the fish market, where the seafood is so fresh it’s still swimming.

Cultural explorations include the 9th century Beomeosa Temple in town, or a trip to the ancient capital of Gyeongju, a “museum without walls”, containing the ruins of temples, palaces, and pagodas of the 1000-year Silla Kingdom, which once ruled most of the Korean Peninsula.

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Yongdusan Park

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Yongdusan Park

Yongdusan Park

A beautiful oasis in the middle of a bustling city, this tranquil park is home to over 70 species of trees. The park is home to the Busan Tower. Ride to the top for amazing views of the city and the sea.

Gukje Market

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Gukje Market

Gukje Market

The Gujke Market has been in operation for more than 60 years. With over 1,400 shops and vendors, offering everything from street food to amazing jewelery, the market is a fantastic place to get a feel and taste of Busan.

Gyeongju Tour

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Gyeongju Tour

Gyeongju Tour

Visit Bulguksa Temple, the representative relic of Gyeongju and UNESCO World Cultural Asset. After a delicious Korean buffet, explore Tumuli Park, large ancient tombs of the Shilla Dynasty, and National Museum of Gyeongju.

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Busan, South Korea At a glance

Current Weather:
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8°C / 46 °F
Partly Cloudy (Day)
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Current Time:
3:25:39 am2018/11/17 03:25:39 am
Saturday, November 17
UTC/GMT +09:00
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Exchange Rates:
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Local Details:
GPS: 35°10'46.4"N 129°4'32.31"E
Size: 767.35 KM2 (296.28 MI2)
Population: 3,600,000
Density: 4,691 Pop/KM2 (1,811 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: +82

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