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Internet Packages

Internet Packages

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Stay connected from ship to shore. 

Keep in contact with family, friends and business associates at home while on your Azamara voyage with our Internet packages, available for purchase during the first two days of your voyage. While onboard, connect via your personal laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device. Or log on at one of the eConnections workstations onboard. Due to the nature of Internet access at sea, service interruptions may occur.

Onboard Internet access is available 24 hours a day in eConnections (Deck Nine), from the day of departure until 6:00 AM on debarkation day. WiFi (Wireless Internet access) is also available throughout the ship. To take advantage of WiFi service, bring your own laptop, which must be equipped with a wireless network card. If using an Apple® computer, the Safari® browser must be Version 3.0 or higher to ensure compatibility with the onboard wireless network.

Prepaid Internet Packages

Package MinutesPrice Per MinutePackage Price
15 Minutes$0.66 per minute$9.95
30 Minutes$0.63 per minute$18.95
60 Minutes$0.60 per minute$35.95
90 Minutes$0.56 per minute$49.95
120 Minutes$0.53 per minute$62.95
150 Minutes$0.51 per minute$75.95
24-Hour Unlimited$0.05 per minute$69.95

Important Reminders

  • Only one device can be used at a time. If the same username and password is used on another device, the first will be disconnected.
  • Packages are valid for the duration of your cruise. Any unused minutes are non-refundable and will be forfeited upon debarkation.
  • Packages are not refundable. It is your responsibility to first check the website before purchasing any package.
  • Our system does not support Skype, VOIP, Remote Access and other high bandwidth programs. Additionally, VPN connections are not supported on our system.
  • Connection speed onboard is not as fast as what you have at home. Intermittent connectivity may be experienced from time to time depending on the ship's location or weather conditions.
  • If you use your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone, please be advised that the eConnections staff is not allowed to modify your device settings.
  • Digital camera cards, USB devices, CDs and DVDs are stictly prohibited on eConnections workstations for security purposes.
  • No e-mail application is available on eConnections workstations, please use web-based e-mail accounts.

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While at sea you can stay in touch with family and friends via cell phone, phone/fax, and even old-fashioned postal mail.

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