Venice: One of Italy's Greatest Treasures


“Aaaaaaahhhhhh, Venice” – Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones, much like James Bond, was always pretty good at those clever one-liners and every time I go to Venice this quote is all I can say. Venice just makes your mouth gape. Your body relaxes and you just take in the majesty of this city of water. Venice is perfect. 

I went to Venice for my first time way back in 1998 and have been back 4 subsequent times and each time it’s been better than the last. I think that Venice is truly appreciated as you get older and as you take your time to discover the true nuances of this great fairy tale city. 


I don’t care what any guidebook tells you to go see or do in Venice. The best thing to do is simply stroll around the alleyway streets that seemingly dead-end around every corner. Get lost in Italy’s greatest treasure. That’s where you’ll discover the Venice that you can’t find in guidebooks.

Eat gelato, cappuccino, pasta and all your Italian favorites from little hidden places outside of the main touristic thoroughfares. Discover little hidden piazzas and restaurants and find your perfect Venice photos where you least expect them. 


While places like the Grand Canal and Piazza de San Marco are fabulous, you will be bombarded with thousands of tourists and charged significantly more than other areas of Venice. Don’t get me wrong, these are must-see places but just make sure you discover your own Venice. It’s a small place with a lot to offer beneath the surface.

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Some of the hotels in Venice are some of the world’s best luxury retreats. It makes all the difference when choosing a place to stay in Venice. I especially recommend a place overlooking the Grand Canal, as that’s my favorite way to take it in-watching the world go by. Watching couples driven around by the famous punters of Venice and seeing first-timers blown away by Venice’s beauty and allure.


As I stated, Venice is a big tourist spot and expect it to be crowded if you go in the summer or the high season. It’s one of the world’s most popular places to visit for a reason. But if you have some flexibility, go during the off season or even in the winter and have the streets basically to yourself to experience as you see fit without throngs of tourists. I warn you it gets pretty cold in the winter but it’s a different experience that I loved!

However, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall - you’ll be saying “Aaaaaahhhhhh, Venice”. 

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Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to visit every country in the world (a total of 318) and a monthly guest blogger. Lee is a fan of Azamara's Destination Immersion® experiences, and has cruised with us through the Norwegian Fjords, Asia, the Mediterranean, and more.

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