Quiz: What’s Your #AzaLocal Travel Personality?

Quiz: What’s Your #AzaLocal Travel Personality?

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Just as not all travelers are the same, not every cruise line is the same. What sets Azamara voyages apart? Our unique, immersive itineraries, longer stays in port, and wide variety of shore excursions mean Azamara voyages aren’t one size fits all.

To help you craft the perfect travel experience, we’ve created this fun travel personality quiz!

Culture Aficionado

When you travel, you love to immerse yourself in a new place and learn about the local culture. As a Culture Aficionado, you’re most likely to spend a vacation exploring historic sites or archaeological ruins, visiting museums and art galleries, and trying local cuisine. You prefer intimate settings to large groups and seek out meaningful experiences that you’ll remember forever.

Culture Aficionados will enjoy our Meet Local, Taste Local, and View Local shore excursions.

Trend Setter

As a Trend Setter, you’re always on the hunt for the hottest new destinations. You want to be where the action is, whether that’s a global sporting event or an evening of live music. You value exclusive travel experiences that not everyone will have tried, like spending the night at a luxury Bedouin camp or indulging in a Lord of the Rings feast fit for a hobbit. 

Trend Setters will enjoy our Celebrate Local, Nights Local, and Stay Local shore excursions.

Intrepid Explorer

When you visit a new place, you hit the ground running. You love to travel and want to see and do as much as possible during your vacations. That’s why Azamara’s immersive itineraries appeal to you! As an Intrepid Explorer, you enjoy cycling past breathtaking landscapes, scouring local bazaars for hidden gems, and taking in the sights as you stroll the streets of a new city.

Intrepid Explorers will enjoy our Bike Local, Shop Local, and Walk Local shore excursions.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Your idea of a great vacation includes plenty of time spent in the great outdoors, whether that means hitting the links or diving into the deep blue sea. As an Outdoor Enthusiast, you love exploring new environments. You daydream about vast deserts, lush rainforests, and dramatic mountain ranges. You enjoy a thrill and love to get up close and personal with local wildlife. 

Outdoor Enthusiasts will enjoy our Adventure Local, Eco Local, and Golf Local shore excursions.

Share the #AzaLocal Travel Personality Quiz on social media and find out which of your friends or family members would make the best travel buddies!

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