As Different As Night and Day: Sightseeing After Sunset

As Different As Night and Day: Sightseeing After Sunset

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Some destinations light up after the sun goes down. Nightlife is such an important facet of culture in some cities that, if you don’t experience them at night, you haven’t truly experienced them at all.

When you cruise with Azamara, you don’t just stay longer in port. You also experience more. Our new Cruise Global, Nights Local tours are an expertly curated collection of evening excursions that will introduce you to an entirely new side of the destination.

Just look at the night and day difference in these destinations!

Hobbiton, New Zealand

Visiting Hobbiton is as close as one can get to actually stepping into a magical land. Built as the set for the popular The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, it exists on a working farm on New Zealand’s North Island.

If you think this experience will only appeal to fans of the books and movies, think again. It’s an out-of-this-world experience that everyone will enjoy. Just ask Lee Abbamonte, who visited despite never having seen the films. Why? In his words, “Hobbiton is simply on of the coolest places in New Zealand.”

Our Cruise Global, Nights Local shore excursion will provide guests with the opportunity to explore the detailed set in daylight and after dark. You can wander around snapping photos and watch the village transform before your eyes!

Photos courtesy of Hobbiton Movie Set.

Miami, USA

The Miami skyline lights up after dark, and the city's nightlife is legendary. 

St. Petersburg, Russia

There's so much to explore in St. Petersburg, you need a few days (and nights) to take it all in. With Azamara, you'll stay longer and experience more.

Livorno, Italy

From leisurely late-night dinners to the tradition of passeggiata, no one makes the most of an evening like Italians do. Embrace la dolce vita in Livorno by taking in the city’s sights amidst the glow of twilight.

Cruise Global, Nights Local guests will glide along Livorno’s labyrinth of canals on a comfortable motorboat while a knowledgeable local guide highlights some of the city’s most interesting landmarks: the New Fortress, Republic Square, the Church of Santa Caterina, Fisherman Harbor, and more. Once back on land, guests will visit a unique local haunt indulge in a tasty Tuscan dessert.

Schwerin, Germany

The Schwerin Castle is stunning during daylight but takes on a truly magical appearnace when it's illuminated after dark. 

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is famous for both its postcard-perfect sunny scenery and its thriving nightlife. Why shouldn't you experience both? 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We can’t imagine cruising to this Mexico hotspot without taking in the destination’s trendy nightlife! By day, Cabo San Lucas is a beach bum’s paradise. There are endless water activities to partake in, including fishing, parasailing, snorkeling, and more. But the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets!

Our Cruise Global, Nights Local tour will take guests to the chic Tattinger Terrace at the Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Overlooking Land’s End and the Pacific Ocean, it’s the perfect place to sip champagne, enjoy live music, and relax with friends around a fire pit.

Rome, Italy

Rome does a famously good job of illuminating the city's most iconic landmarks after dark.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over one hundred kilometers of canals entwine Amsterdam in what’s known as Grachtengordel, or the Canal Ring. Amsterdam’s Canal Ring was developed in the 17th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The canals are as important to the heart and soul of Amsterdam as tulips, windmills, and bicycles.

As beautiful as the canals are during the day, nothing compares to the romantic atmosphere of twilight.

Guests of this Cruise Global, Nights Local tour will glide along Amsterdam’s canals in a glass-topped boat, taking in the city’s unique architecture along the way. Bridges, churches, and elegant mansions line the city’s waterways. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer and a sampling of Dutch cheeses during the ride.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza are one of the most visited archaeological ruins in Mexico. The ancient temples, pyramids, and observatory are breathtaking both day and night.

Discover the night and day difference during your next Azamara voyage! Click here for more information.

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