The beautiful land of limoncello

There’s a reason they named one of the most stunning coastlines in the world after this town: “La Vita e Bella” in Amalfi! It’s also one of the largest towns in the region, so take some time to explore it. Rub shoulders with the Italian elite as you walk the pedestrian streets, ducking into shops and galleries. Drop into a bar and order the drink the region is best known for: limoncello. Make sure when you get it, that its been chilled. Limoncello, like revenge, is best served cold.

Amalfi extends down to the water, and its beaches are always popular with locals and visitors alike. (The Azamara pro-tip: Bring a pair of water shoes if you plan on spending any amount of time down at the lidos. While picturesque, the beaches are rocky, not sandy.)

A trip to Amalfi isn’t complete without hitting the road in a car (ideally a convertible, of course!). We recommend taking in the views from the passenger seats—leave the winding, narrow cliff-side driving to the professionals. Whether you head up towards Positano and Sorrento, or down to Salerno, it will without a doubt be one of the most amazing rides of your life.

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Cloister Of Paradise

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Cloister Of Paradise

Cloister Of Paradise

Dating back to to the mid-1200s, elegant columns and graceful arches surround an open courtyard. Wander this open-air museum and cemetery for Amalfi’s noted families.

Museo Della Carta

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Museo Della Carta

Museo Della Carta

Amalfi was one of the first cities in Europe to produce paper. The Museum of Handmade Paper tells the interesting story of making fine paper, starting in the 1100s when Muslims introduced the process.

Amalfi Coast And Positano

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Amalfi Coast And Positano

Amalfi Coast And Positano

Board a private boat and enjoy a cruise, viewing the Dolomitic cliffs.

Reach the village of Positano, with a patchwork of flat and domed roofs and vine-covered stairways tumbling down to meet the gentle curve of beach. Enjoy time at leisure to explore this elegant spot or take an optional guided tour.

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Amalfi, Italy At a glance

Current Weather:
Clear (Night)
19°C / 66 °F
Partly Cloudy (Day)
Scattered Thunderstorms
Isolated Thundershowers
Current Time:
12:16:01 am2018/10/24 00:16:01 am
Wednesday, October 24
UTC/GMT +02:00
Exchange Rates:
  • 1.16
  • 1.50
  • 0.87
  • 1.52
  • 75.18
  • 3.81
  • 22.28
  • 1.69
Local Details:
GPS: 40°38'2.41"N 14°36'9.65"E
Size: 6.11 KM2 (2.36 MI2)
Population: 5,428
Density: 888 Pop/KM2 (343 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: +39

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