Letter from the President

Larry Pimentel

President and CEO Azamara Club Cruises®

Dear Fellow Traveler:

Thank you for your interest in Azamara Club Cruises. We appreciate it. Guests such as yourselves visiting our site and spending time with us are indeed a vote of confidence and inspire us to serve our customers even better. We realize there are many fine cruise lines out there ready to welcome you and that they offer some excellent vacation experiences.

Cruise Line Differences

I don’t like to use the common, cruise line marketing phrases that elevate one line or one ship over another. One cruise line or one cruise ship is not necessarily better than another. There are many choices and it’s more accurate to simply say one line, or one ship is different from others--- not better but different. And that’s my point in this message to you--- Azamara Club Cruises is different. It will provide you with a different kind of cruise experience. Here’s what I mean.

The Azamara Differences

The Destination Immersion® Concept: We believe that the principal reason travelers such as yourself circle our globe is to immerse in the rich historical and cultural experiences of regions you are unfamiliar with, yet they are regions that you wish to visit and explore. It’s the personal discovery of the unknown that captures the interest. And that’s a major point of difference with Azamara Club Cruises. We focus on the destinations and offer more overnight stays and more late night departures. This is not a minor detail to experienced travelers, or to anyone who has had to rush back to their ship when they yearn to stay longer. We call this opportunity Night Touring. We also offer extensive programs for onboard education supported by a knowledgeable international staff who know the hidden treasures in each port. And be sure to ask about our Cruise Global, Connect LocalSM shore excursions and CruiseTours programs that can take you deeper into local and regional culture.

Exceptional Quality: You will find our twin cruisers to be beautiful boutique ships, much like European boutique hotels, with every amenity the discerning traveler desires. Service is attentive but never intrusive. Our regionally-inspired cuisine and world-class boutique wine cellar rival the finest urban restaurants anywhere. And our ships feature top-tier spa and fitness facilities.

Our Commitment to You

Azamara Club Cruises makes a two-part commitment to our guests. First, it is to provide you with an unmatched leisure holiday experience offering adventure and sophistication. And second, since our loyal guests are a demanding clientele, you seek good value. So our commitment to you is to provide you with just that---a unique experience that you perceive to be a good value.

I hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you aboard soon. And, all of us at Azamara Club Cruises believe you’ll love where we take you...

Larry Pimentel
President & CEO
Azamara Club Cruises

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