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About Inclusive and Value-Priced Beverage Packages

Q: How did you choose the inclusive brands?
A: The selection of inclusive brands is based on our relationships with various liquor distributors.

Q: Why are selections of inclusive brands so limited?
A: Brands were selected for guests who have no strong brand preference but still appreciate a choice of spirits. You can upgrade to one of our beverage packages (or order single drinks) for a slight up-charge.

Q: Can I make substitutions from one package to another?
A: Unfortunately, that is not possible. We suggest choosing a package that has the greatest number of your favorite brands.

Q: Does every package include all the brands from the lower tier packages?
A: Yes, all brands from a lower tier package are included in higher tier packages.

Q: Will I be able to purchase packages once onboard? Is there a time limit?
A: Yes, you can buy a package throughout your voyage. Charges begin the day you purchase the package.

Q: If I purchase a package a few days into my voyage, can I purchase for the entire voyage and get my previous beverage charges removed?
A: Packages cannot be purchased retroactively. Any charges prior to the day you purchase your package will remain on your account.

Q: Am I able to downgrade my package throughout the voyage?
A: No. Once a package has been purchased, it is not refundable and cannot be downgraded to a lower tier package.

Q: Is champagne included in the wine package?
A: Yes, a few select champagnes are included in the wine package.

Q: Where can I find the full spirits listed for all packages? How about the wine and beer listings?
A: A laminated listing will be available for review at each bar venue.

Q: Why can I only order one drink at the time?
A: Beverage packages are per person, so only one drink may be ordered at a time.

Q: When I purchase my beverage package, are the drinks unlimited?
A: Yes, packages offer unlimited drinks per person within the parameters of our responsible alcohol service guidelines.

Q: Why don’t you offer a Super Premium beverage package?
A: Pricing for super premium brands ranges too widely to fit in one package. Super premium brands can be ordered as individual drinks.

Q: If I purchase a package can I have drinks delivered to my stateroom?
A: If you have purchased a beverage package, you can order a drink through room service. However, our select complimentary spirits, beer and wine are not available through room service.

Q: Are all selections available at all ship bars?
A: Yes, they are.

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