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Enrich Your Onboard Experience With Azamara

Azamara Club Cruises® is now offering a great opportunity to enrich your onboard experience by introducing guest lecturers to our voyages. Considered experts in their respective fields, our carefully chosen speakers will share their vast knowledge on worldwide topics that range from politics to the environment, from tribal customs to ancient history. Attend one of our presentations and see what you can learn from our distinguished onboard guest speakers.


  • Intimate setting to engage fully in the lectures
  • Experts of culture, military history, art history, psychology, and sports are just a few examples of the wide range of guests
  • Lectures generally have a question and answer session

Featured Guest Lectures

Dr. Emma Roberts

Dr. Emma Roberts,

Special Interest Lecturer – Art History

Born and raised in Wales, UK, Emma Roberts earned a BA (Hons) and a Ph.D. at the University of Liverpool, England. Learn More

Dr. Dennis Reinhartz

Dr. Dennis Reinhartz,

Destination Lecturer

Dr. Dennis Reinhartz received his BA and MA degrees in history from Rutgers University and his Ph.D. from New York University. He is an emeritus professor of history and Russian at The University of Texas at Arlington. Learn More

Find your voyage below to view upcoming Guest Lecturers

Date Ship Voyage Guest Lecturers
22-Dec-14 Azamara Journey 12 NIGHT CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR'S VOYAGE Allen Maller
Carroll Travis
Dr. Dennis Reinhartz
Richard Lewandowski
22-Dec-14 Azamara Quest 14 NIGHT NEW YEARS IN HONG KONG VOYAGE Charles Richardson
Dr. Emma Roberts
Edward Aigner
Edward Dufresne
Robert Fine
Sheila Posner
5-Jan-15 Azamara Quest 15 NIGHT DISCOVER VIETNAM&THAILAND Brenda Montague
Dr. Rebecca Knuth
Terrance Greenberg
10-Jan-15 Azamara Journey 17 NIGHT ANTARCTICA & FALKLANDS VOYAGE Dr. Peter Wasilewski
Mario Barbi
Michael Hick
Nigel Marven
Shauneen Hutchinson
20-Jan-15 Azamara Quest 14 NIGHT THAILAND & MALAYSIA VOYAGE Jaina Mishra
Terrance Greenberg
27-Jan-15 Azamara Journey 11 NIGHT ARGENTINA & BRAZIL VOYAGE Michael Hick
3-Feb-15 Azamara Quest 14 NIGHT THAILAND & INDONESIA VOYAGE Dr. Michael Fopp
James Gavin
Terrance Greenberg
7-Feb-15 Azamara Journey 12 NIGHT RIO CARNIVAL & ARGENTINA VOYAGE Charles Richardson
17-Feb-15 Azamara Quest 16 NIGHT INDONESIA TO JAPAN VOYAGE Dolores "Dee" Berry
Dr. Paul Ropp
Nigel Marven
19-Feb-15 Azamara Journey 18 NIGHT COPACABANA-BISCAYNE BAY VOYAGE Charles Richardson
Dr. Wayne Engstrom
Gail Sanderson
Paula Olivares
5-Mar-15 Azamara Quest 16 NIGHT JAPAN, CHINA & VIETNAM VOYAGE Dolores "Dee" Berry
Dr. Paul Ropp
Nigel Marven
9-Mar-15 Azamara Journey 12 NIGHT NATIONAL PARKS OF PANAMA VOYAGE Charles Hodel
Dr. David Roberts
Dr. James Howard
21-Mar-15 Azamara Quest 16 NIGHT INDIA & MALAYSIA VOYAGE Alan Greenbaum
Dr. Karl Misulis
Edward Dufresne
Joy Yoshikawa
Joyce Butler
21-Mar-15 Azamara Journey 12 NIGHT COSTA RICA COAST TO COAST Charles Hodel
Dr. James Howard
Richard Wainio
2-Apr-15 Azamara Journey 16 NIGHT SOUTH BEACH TO ACROPOLIS VOYAGE Barbara Rosenthal
Joseph Rosenbloom
Richard Rutherford
Robert Lawrence
Rona Steingart
6-Apr-15 Azamara Quest 18 NIGHT SUEZ CANAL VOYAGE Julija Greaves
Lulu Minter
27-Apr-15 Azamara Journey 10 NIGHT GREECE TO AMALFI COAST VOYAGE David Burgess
14-May-15 Azamara Journey 7 NIGHT COSTA BRAVA-CINQUE TERRE VOYAGE Dr. Garrett McAinish
21-May-15 Azamara Journey 5 NIGHT GRAND PRIX VOYAGE Dr. Garrett McAinish
26-May-15 Azamara Journey 10 NIGHT MONACO, ITALY & ADRIATIC VOYAGE Dr. Richard Farkas
5-Jun-15 Azamara Journey 7 NIGHT CROATIA'S INSIDE PASSAGE VOYAGE Dr. Richard Farkas
23-Jun-15 Azamara Journey 12 NIGHT ISLES OF CROATIA VOYAGE Dr. Richard Farkas
18-Jul-15 Azamara Quest 14 NIGHT BRITISH OPEN FINAL VOYAGE Jennie Sauviac
10-Nov-15 Azamara Journey 15 NIGHT MADEIRA & CANARY ISLANDS VOYAGE Katherine Rolfe
25-Nov-15 Azamara Journey 16 NIGHT WAKE OF COLUMBUS VOYAGE Katherine Rolfe
22-Dec-15 Azamara Quest 14 NIGHT BALI & BARRIER REEF VOYAGE James Pfromm
23-Dec-15 Azamara Journey 11 NIGHT PANAMA CANAL NEW YEAR'S VOYAGE Bruce Toder
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