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The ancient Romans called the Mediterranean Mare Nostrum, Our Sea. And now it can be yours. Lands of great antiquity and mighty empires. Sunny Greek isles with whitewashed villages cascading down hillsides, and the Riviera, glittering and glamorous. In the far north sail the routes of the Vikings all the way to Iceland, stopping along the way to experience the majesty of the Norwegian fjords, and the opulent palaces and exquisite churches of St Petersburg. By way of Istanbul, enter the Black Sea to delve into ports in Bulgaria, Romania, and the Ukraine, and in the Adriatic go ashore in the newly minted states of Croatia and Montenegro.

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Voyage Port City Country
Copenhagen, Denmark to Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark to Dublin, Ireland Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen Denmark
Dublin, Ireland to Lisbon, Portugal Dublin, Ireland Dublin Ireland
Lisbon, Portugal to Nice, France Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal to Paris (Rouen), France Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon Portugal
Paris (Rouen), France to Amsterdam, Netherlands Paris (Rouen), France Rouen France
Paris (Rouen), France to Stockholm, Sweden Paris (Rouen), France Rouen France
Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden to Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Sweden
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