Takamatsu, Japan

Takamatsu, Japan

On the Seto Inland Sea, looking out over the Sanuki mountain range, sits the island of Shikoku and the old castle town of Takamatsu, Japan. Now a vibrant city, Takamatsu has been an economic hub of the region since the Edo period. To get a sense of its history, visit Tamamo-koen Park. The 16th century Takamatsu Castle had been destroyed, but there’s still plenty to explore: ruins, water moats, and classic Japanese-style yagura or turrets. At beautiful Ritsurin-kōen, stroll through hills, bridges, islands and ponds, or sip matcha (powdered green tea) at a thatched-roof teahouse. Venture to Yashima, a 293-meter high plateau, for the best views of the sea and a visit to the Shingon temple Yashima-ji. Enjoy the city’s shopping, new waterfront and many restaurants, where you can sample fresh seafood or Sanuki udon, a famous noodle dish.

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