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Sitting in Style on Azamara Club Cruises!


I’m excited to report that the Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey have received fantastic new outdoor furniture. The next time you cruise on one of our ships, you’ll be enjoying brand new sun loungers, umbrellas, daybeds and more.


Not only is the new furniture lovely, it’s environmentally friendly. We sourced the furniture locally while the ships sailed in Spain this season. It’s made by Kettal, a family-run company headquartered in Spain. The furniture is made in Tarragona, Spain using sustainable materials and eco-friendly paint.
Kettal’s well-known commitment to the environment was an important consideration in our selection of this furniture.


The ships also received new stateroom tables! These are an exciting new feature, and one long-awaited by the Azamara faithful. The oval-shaped tables can be elevated for in-suite dining for two. During the day, they’re lowered to become coffee tables.
The Azamara vessels are continually being updated. Next on the agenda will be the refurbishment of the Suites!

Café Society @ Sea

The other night I watched Jerry Seinfeld being interviewed by Bill Maher about Jerry’s comedy series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. They were laughing about how as they get older they enjoy coffee more than ever. Me too!

And I have to confess my favorite guilty pleasure while onboard the Azamara Journey recently was the Mosaic Café. At least once a day I would gravitate there to enjoy a fancy coffee drink and a miniature pastry.

Regular coffee with biscotti

Regular coffee with biscotti

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Aboard the Azamara Journey – Part Four

Az the World Turns

Our last ports-of-call: Dublin, Dartmouth, Guernsey, Southampton



Dublin, a delightful city. People are free and generous with their sense of humor. You can tell they like to laugh. We took a morning walking tour of town given by a Dubliner named Claire. We visited various highlights including the immense and gorgeously landscaped Stevens Park. Throughout town we pass statues and monuments memorializing famous Irish literary figures such as James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. The museums are free, there’s the National Library where one can do genealogy research, and there is great shopping. In fact, Dublin is the only stop on this cruise where I’ve purchased anything: two plaid wool scarves and two wool winter hats. We had a midnight departure so Peter & I went ashore after dinner. We came across excellent bands playing in the streets and handsome happy youth everywhere.

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Aboard The Azamara Journey – Part Three

The pace of port visits is picking up on this cruise onboard the Azamara Journey. We’re visiting a new port, strike that, a new world every day now.

Liverpool is not at all what I expected. It’s alive, modern and vibrant. Liverpool has a mix of history and ultra-modernity that works. It also has one of the most beautifully designed waterfronts I’ve visited by sea. There’s a lovely pier dotted with modern museums, such as the Tate Liverpool, and historical buildings, as well as interpretive signage and even bicycles to rent by the hour.

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Aboard The Azamara Journey – Part Two

Located just outside the city of Edinburgh, one crosses over one of the two Forth Road bridges to reach the only kingdom in Scotland, the Kingdom of Fife.

There, on top of a green hill (all hills are green in Scotland even though it’s the middle of August) resides the renowned local chef, Jenny Thomson, along with her husband Kenneth and two young children. The house is an 18th-century stone manse set among the most gorgeous gardens.

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