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The Next Place You Should Travel Is Myanmar

adv-abroad-lee-abbamonteFor decades, and really for centuries, Myanmar was a place that was almost taboo. Nobody really went there and if you met someone who went there, it was really exciting. Nowadays, Myanmar is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world with luxury cruise lines and hotels moving in at lightning pace – and with good reason, because Myanmar is a fascinating place. 


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Highlights of Vietnam


It’s shocking to me that more people don’t know about Vietnam. To this day, I hear that people are scared to go there based on the Vietnam War from 40-50 years ago. Popular culture and movies haven’t done much to endear Vietnam to the hearts of Americans but I am here to tell you it’s well worth a visit and will be a destination you won’t soon forget!

Hue (Danang), VietnamDa Nang, Vietnam

First, Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful and fascinating country with significant coastline, beaches and two of the cooler cities in Asia. From Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly and still often referred to as Saigon, in the south-Vietnam has their bases covered. Filling in the middle of the long, skinny country is an abundance of fun destinations including Nha Trang and Da Nang.

However, perhaps the most scenic and certainly a must-see in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. This is located a few hours from Hanoi and is one of the jewels of Southeast Asia and is possibly the most photogenic place in the region, with apologies to Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

Floating village and rock islandsHa Long Bay, Vietnam

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Dazzling, Extravagant Dubai


Dubai is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Dubai is actually an Emirate; one of seven in the United Arab Emirates but it’s far and away the best known and the most interesting. Forty years ago, Dubai didn’t really exist, at least in any way close to its current state. It’s an amazing story built on oil money and dreams. It’s sort of like Las Vegas in some ways in that it came out of nowhere and became the jewel of the desert. I love Dubai.

Dubai needs to be seen to be believed. It’s not the most beautiful city in the world but it is so incredible to actually see it in person and even better from above. I say above because Dubai, aside from having the worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifah, has islands made like palms and also a map of the world.

dubai 1Photo courtesy of Lee Abbamonte

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Nice, France: Hub of the French Riviera


Nice is the fifth largest city in France, but in my mind it’s the most important after only Paris. Nice is not only a beautiful Mediterranean city with a lot to see and do; it is the hub for the French Riviera. Nice brings the world to the South of France and gives it reason to stay a while.

Nice is often overshadowed by its glitzy neighbors: Monaco and Monte Carlo and their aristocracy; or Hollywood (and my) favorite Cannes; or champagne jet-set favorite St. Tropez-but Nice can hang! Nice offers a lot of what the others don’t. Nice is a city for all budgets. Nice is a place where you can feel comfortable walking around Promenade Des Anglais or in the old quarter around Place Garibaldi over to the quickly improving port area. Restaurants and bars are easy to find but hard to leave.


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Kavala and Philippi, Greece


The best thing about my cruise on the Azamara Quest is that I’ve stopped in a lot of ports that I’ve never heard of before; which is unusual for me. Much like the Greek Island of Patmos, the Greek port of Volos and the Turkish port of Dikili-Kavala is no different. I had never heard of this particular port town but was again, very pleasantly surprised. Kavala and Philippi, Greece are two very cool places to visit and are definitely not on the mainstream tourist map.

Kavala 1

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