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Sitting in Style on Azamara Club Cruises!


I’m excited to report that the Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey have received fantastic new outdoor furniture. The next time you cruise on one of our ships, you’ll be enjoying brand new sun loungers, umbrellas, daybeds and more.


Not only is the new furniture lovely, it’s environmentally friendly. We sourced the furniture locally while the ships sailed in Spain this season. It’s made by Kettal, a family-run company headquartered in Spain. The furniture is made in Tarragona, Spain using sustainable materials and eco-friendly paint.
Kettal’s well-known commitment to the environment was an important consideration in our selection of this furniture.


The ships also received new stateroom tables! These are an exciting new feature, and one long-awaited by the Azamara faithful. The oval-shaped tables can be elevated for in-suite dining for two. During the day, they’re lowered to become coffee tables.
The Azamara vessels are continually being updated. Next on the agenda will be the refurbishment of the Suites!

Keeping Fit While Cruising

If you’ve been on an Azamara cruise before, you know we love to spoil you. Frothy coffees, delectable desserts, mouth-watering steak and exotic international buffets – dining onboard our ships is “AzAmazing”! If you’re a real foodie, you’ll also want to partake in some of our culinary-themed, exclusive Insider Access tours.

With these five handy tips for keeping fit on your cruise, you can feel good about your vacation indulgnces!

Eat well, travel often

Eat well, travel often

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Our longer stays in port gives guests plenty of time to explore. Walking around a new city is a great workout, and the best way to get a feel for the place. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable pair of shoes! 



Walk or Run

Head up to Deck Ten on the Azamara Journey or Azamara Quest, and you’ll find a jogging track perfect for a walk or run. Take in the fresh sea air and beautiful views as you make your laps. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Bottled water is complimentary onboard our ships.

Walk or Run

Ship track


Take a Class

Fitness classes are a fun way to relax and burn calories, and we have something for everyone. Take advantage of complimentary classes like pilates, cycling, sunset yoga or dance lessons.

Take a Class

Ship Dancing

For an additional cost, you could even partake in a session with one of our fantastic personal trainers!

Enjoy Healthy Options

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. At Discoveries Restaurant, there’s a delicious healthy option every day, making it easy to make a more health-conscious choice. 

Enjoy Healthy Options

Seared tuna salad

Dance the Night Away

Who says exercise can’t be fun? Spend a night or two dancing at the Looking Glass Lounge, where our DJ will be spinning your favorite hits. And you’ll definitely want to pack your dancing shoes for our famous White Night parties, which feature a poolside buffet (weather permitting), boutique wines on the house, and music from a live band.

Dance the Night Away

White night party

Armed with these tips to stay fit, you’re ready to go! All that’s left is choosing your next adventure…

Visiting AzAmazing Bali

Abroad Lee Abbamonte

Bali is the world’s most perfect place. There, I’ve said it and can’t take it back…and why would I want to? Bali is an amazing place, and what makes it so special isn’t just that it’s beautiful, or has amazing resorts, food, culture, wildlife, art, nightlife and, beaches. It’s that Bali has something for everyone at any budget, and interest. Bali is, in one word, phenomenal.


I have been to Bali several times, and each time I have seemingly done it at a different budget level. As I’ve grown up, so has my budget and taste.

When I first went to Bali, I stayed in the beautiful and raucous beachfront area of Kuta. Kuta is not only known for surfing and the beach, but also for its legendary nightlife and budget accommodation. At that time in my life it was perfect. Kuta is also a great place to base yourself to take excursions in and around Bali; remember Bali is a pretty big island.

As Bali has started developing, so have the areas of Seminyak and Jimbaron. These are the two best areas for luxury hotels, resorts and also higher-class restaurants and nightlife. Jimbaron boasts that it has some of the nicest resorts in the world, literally. Seminyak is a fun place to hop around, check out different hotels, and have great cocktails in cool settings. My favorite place for a cocktails is at the Ayana Resort on the cliffs overlooking the water at Rock Bar. It is a truly amazing spot for a sunset drink.


As I said, Bali is pretty big and there are a lot of cool excursions on the island. Ubud is a great place to go to get some real Balinese culture, and see some really cool monkeys as well. They are quite friendly and the accompanying temple complex gives it a really cool feel as well.

Bali is littered with temples and shrines, so it’s hard to make sense of what’s what, or which to take the time to see. If you only have a day or so, I would suggest that you make sure you get up to Ubud, and stop to see some of the typical rice terraces that adorn the hills of Bali. Then stop along a road at a temple that looks good to you. Many look alike and you will get the feel and sense from most of them. Traffic can be an issue in Bali, so I wouldn’t want you driving halfway across the island to see a temple that isn’t much different than one right near you.

Don’t forget to shop in Kuta and Seminyak for those Balinese souvenirs, art and clothes, and for goodness sake, do not forget the sunset cocktail! That is Bali at its finest!

Excited to visit Bali? Azamara has a few voyages headed there in 2015! You can view them all here.

Café Society @ Sea

The other night I watched Jerry Seinfeld being interviewed by Bill Maher about Jerry’s comedy series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. They were laughing about how as they get older they enjoy coffee more than ever. Me too!

And I have to confess my favorite guilty pleasure while onboard the Azamara Journey recently was the Mosaic Café. At least once a day I would gravitate there to enjoy a fancy coffee drink and a miniature pastry.

Regular coffee with biscotti

Regular coffee with biscotti

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