• Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Our Approach to Sound Stewardship and 2012 Stewardship Report provide a clear and straightforward explanation of how our company proactively addresses key issues inherent in operating cruise ships. Click through below to learn about our global stewardship activities, put into practice as part of our expanded Save The Waves® program. And remember that we remain committed to continuous improvement, because our beautiful oceans and their rich marine life deserve nothing less. For 2012, in line with our philosophy of continuous improvement, we have also created a supplementary Content Index of all the sustainability information available in our multiple public disclosure documents, using the structure of the Global Reporting Initiative's G3.1 guidelines.

Stewardship Report

Our 2012 Stewardship Report explores Azamara Club Cruises’ commitment to maintain clean oceans and pristine ecosystems as we bring our guests to beautiful destinations around the world. Read more about our efforts and accomplishments in our latest Stewardship Report.

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Save the Waves®

Founded in 1992 and expanded significantly since, Save The Waves® has evolved to address key environmental issues including air emissions, water and energy use, waste management, environmental training and education, and contributions to conservation.

Protecting the world's seas and the rich marine life they support is a way of life, and a way of doing business, for Azamara Club Cruises. This commitment is the foundation of Save the Waves®, our comprehensive environmental protection program established by our parent company in 1992.

Save the Waves® helps guide our company's operating philosophy. It has become an integral part of each crew member's job and is the backbone of daily operations. There are four key principles of Save The Waves®:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Reduce the generation of waste material, reuse and recycle wherever possible, and properly dispose of remaining wastes.
  • Practice Pollution Prevention – Nothing may be thrown overboard. Nothing.
  • Go Above and Beyond Compliance (ABC) – means doing more than is required by regulations.
  • Continuous Improvement – Change is the only constant; innovation is encouraged and rewarded.

The Ocean Fund

The Ocean Fund

This protection charitable fund was established in 1996 to support marine conservation organizations in conserving the world's oceans. Learn More.

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